Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two weeks summary

I promised Momster that I shall update this blog tonight, thus here I am trying to keep my eyes wide awake and compose something in an orderly manner without the help of caffeine as I had three doses of those today alone.

Oh by the way, I truly enjoyed myself today. Too bad our kids couldn’t tag along and I am sure the young lady would have enjoyed speaking to your boy. *winks*

Anyway, it has been more than two weeks since we got back to tanahair. As like your usual ‘balik kampung’ trip, ours is not spared from trying to squeeze time to meet people and tick those on the ‘to-do’ list. It seems everyone would like a piece of us when we could only offer so much. Space and time are proven scarce, thus explains my lack of blogging (and blog-hop). I apologise to my dearest ‘kakis’. Fret not as you are still close to my heart and even when I am away from the blogosphere, I try my best to continue being your texting buddy.

As much as I want to stuff myself with delicious local food, I begin to realise that my stomach can no longer expand as it used to in the past. There is a limit in my calories intake but suffice to say, I think I have done myself proud and managed to cover nasi lemak kerang, satay, mee goreng mamak, ikan patin asam pedas, durian, rambutan, to name a few.

My daily mocha dose has been replaced with teh tarik and Nescafe, making sure they are served with less sugar of course. From time to time when I start missing the usual atmosphere, I purposely arrange to meet at cafes which serve decent coffees.

Initially I was looking forward to this trip. I was under the impression that some things remained the same or perhaps showed signs of improvement. Oh boy was I wrong. There were times that I felt compelled expressing my views but I knew they could only be accepted by those who have an open mind. I am adjusting my expectation as I go along as well as managing those around me, the young lady in particular.

Without a doubt, both of us miss London and I am doing my best to make sure the feeling doesn’t escalate. I remind her and myself that change is good. It doesn’t help when I miss the better half badly which I find it strange as distance has always been in our dictionary. Even the young lady is sensing his absence and quickly interrupts whenever he’s on the line.

Yet I know my place is here. For now, I am using this opportunity to spend time with my loved ones. I am doing my best to fulfil the many roles I am required. As much as I yearn for his presence, I have these responsibilities to shoulder and I couldn’t have done it without his support and blessings.

Sometimes it takes a moment like this to make us appreciate those special people in our life. *smiles

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Always be my baby

I wish that the Talent Fairy could hear me
and sprinkle some magical dust
so that for just one day
I get to be as creative as you
or at least have half of your skills.
I would make a pop-up card
Featuring all your favourite things
Ponies, dolphins and fairies
And perhaps a knight in shining armour
Who looks exactly like Justin Bieber,
Or I could sing his songs
Just like you whenever we hit the road
With a perfect tone,
Alas I am only me
Who couldn’t draw or sing
Or in most creative things for that matter.
And so on this day
I hope you will have a wonderful time
Blessed with those who love you from near and afar,
And no matter what
Even if you have blossomed into a fine lady
You will always be my baby

Happy birthday, my love. May you are blessed with beautiful things in life.
Salam kasih,

Thursday, July 08, 2010

He's a good kisser

I never thought I’d be saying something like that out loud but the feelings were exhilarating that I blurted. Not only he was good at dancing, he actually kissed pretty well. His skin was so soft that I bet women would be fuming mad, thinking how he got himself a perfect beauty ritual. On top of that, he didn’t smell, much to my surprise.

Who is he?

He is a bottlenose dolphin called Blade. Yup! We had an awesome time yesterday. The young lady and I couldn’t resist this fella. I was the first to volunteer to play with him one-to-one and naturally, I chose to dance and so did my girl. *grins*. Obviously we were falling for this handsome and charming young male.

Now, if only men have his qualities. *lol*

Monday, July 05, 2010

A refreshing start

I do not know where to begin. One thing for sure, our life changed the moment we stepped into this city.

Gone are the days of tubes and red double-deckers for our mode of transportation. Grey cloudy skies are replaced with clear blue backdrop and blazing sunshine. Ice-cream parlours and sweet delicacies cafes can be seen in every block.

On our first day, I was extremely tired and sleepy as our flight arrived after midnight as well as the lack of rest due to packing, cleaning and “emptying” our flat in London a few days before. The cleaning lady came that day and I never felt so much lighter knowing my laundry would be in good hands. She knew we were about to go out and asked if I needed any ironing done. I couldn’t remember the last time I wore anything ironed by someone else. It also felt nice when I was referred as ‘madam’. *grins*

As we enjoyed our outing, for once in many days I felt peaceful as if all my burdens were lifted. The stress I experienced over the past few weeks seemed to have disappeared.

Of course we had another wave of roller-coaster. We spent our days searching for the right place and school. Today we finally made an offer on an abode chosen by the young lady. It is a stark contrast to our cosy 2 bedroom flat back in UK as the young lady will get to enjoy a shared garden right outside the patio. She even said that she would be able to mingle with neighbours within this low-rise development of twelve units or so. The rooftop terrace has enough space for her gardening experiment which I believe would only take place when the temperature is milder. Until then, I have a feeling she will be spending her time indoor in our planned study room/library.

The nearest school is only 5 minutes away but they are not accepting applications as their waiting list is already long. Thankfully, there is a new school which is within 15 minutes drive. It is also smaller compare to others i.e. each year has 1 or 2 classes, a good transition from her previous school which had one class per year.

As we have more or less sorted these two main items, we can finally go on an outing to a neighbouring city, hoping for a close encounter with the friendliest sea-animal. I am sure it will put a smile on the young lady’s face as she has been missing her friends terribly. We are adjusting and coping with these changes, slowly but surely