Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sleeping beauty

My baby fell asleep while reading. We were both in bed, she with a book, me with this laptop. She's been reading in silence these days, unless she gets stuck with a difficult word. Guess it must have been a tiring day for her that she fell asleep without finishing her book. I couldnt help myself from smiling.

Just like me... She is a true mini ms istanbul. Though I pray that apart from sleeping with a good book, she will have her soulmate by her side when she reaches my age.

Good night my sleeping beauty. Sweet dreams.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Taking steps

"There are about a hundred steps between where we are and our dream house. They’ll be fun steps. They’ll be sexy steps. And we’ll try not to fall down them together. Okay?"

Me and another close friend, Mr Nice had our mini farewell lunch with Ms Argentina. She is going back for good after her 2 year stint with us. I'm sure I'll miss her like crazy. Our coffee rounds, office gossips, understanding our culture etc. Instead of talking about her, we ended up talking about me and my beau. She asked a very intriguing question to Mr Nice, “why is she not taking her relationship seriously?”

Coming from a person who didn’t understand my culture and beliefs at the beginning, Ms Argentina has done well. Love knows no boundaries and both her and Mr Nice truly think that the one is a wonderful person. She finds it odd that I am not 100% into this so-called relationship.

I guess I’m being practical. There are many steps in between where we are and our dreams. So far, we have done well in taking the steps. We try not to make big plans but eventually, a plan has to be made and we both have to decide what we want to do with the plan. Are we in this for the long haul?

So yes, this is why I don’t and I can’t take my relationship seriously. The lil one comes first, next our wellbeing i.e. a good career with lots of perks to pay the bills and the nice stuffs for both of us, finally my love-life.

Oh speaking about career, I got headhunted for one of the elite banks. I’m not too keen with the terms so I’ve asked the headhunter to enquire whether they are looking for a senior role with much better perks. I’m not the type who will leave for a slightly higher pay with 1-2 years bonus. In my world, bonus is discretionary and with the current market, I have seen some who didn’t get any. So yes, much higher pay with a decent bonus will do for me. Uncle D seems to think I did quite well negotiating with the headhunter.

Till then..

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Of an age

After much persuasion from Uncle D, I finally let him to get something for me. Uncle D can be considered as my god-uncle. Each time we bump into each other, he always makes time for me and my girl. He remembers the lil girl’s favourite dish and will always call us if Malaysia Hall serves it that day. People refer him as his title but to me, he is my dear uncle D, who never fails to give his words of wisdom. Despite having good friends such as The Steelman (if you read Forbes/business times, you’ll know whom I’m referring to), The Chairman of UK football clubs, etc, he remains humble. I was very happy and felt privileged that today he not only went to buy my birthday gift, he also took the time to drop by at my office to pass it to me. We had coffee and managed to spend an hour catching up.

I wanted to get this particular Gucci watch for the past 1 ½ years but it has never gone on sale! So it took me by surprise when Uncle D got something better than that. A Baume Mercier watch, simple yet classy. Uncle D really has good taste. Typical accountant, I googled it and the price tag almost pop my eye balls! Thank you so much Uncle D. Not only for the gift but also your time for seeing me, a small person and nowhere compare to your rich and famous friends.

My close colleague said that I’m in the wrong profession. With the people I know, I should be doing private banking for UHNW (ultra high net worth) people. The bonus for this profession is definitely more than a year’s salary (some may be looking in the region of millions!). I love my current role and if I ever move, I’ll take Uncle D’s advice to join BBB (bulge bracket banks) and slave myself for a few years. Then, hopefully, I will make my big break.

Also, for the first time, I had many people wishing me. Many sms received, family and old friends. Dragon Lady, Alchemist, CB (thanks for saying that I’m the hottest mama! *winks*) and Ms Magistrate. Mr Milan called all the way from China to wish me. My beloved secretary got a cute cupcake complete with candles, and sang for me (quietly of course. Told her not to tell everyone).

As for the love of my life, my precious angel. She has been singing since last night. She told her class-mates and teachers the day before and everyone wished me. When we got back from school, she passed me the card she wrote earlier. Thank you my love!

It was indeed a wonderful day.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Chemical reaction

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

Dragon Lady sent a lovely card and wrote the above quote. Despite feeling low due to a family member being ill, she still spared some time calling me to wish and sent the card prior. Thank you dear for your thoughts. My prayers to you and may you be strong during this time.

I thought I had something to share but somehow, it seems to have disappeared. I guess maybe next time. For now, I want to snuggle with my teddy bear.