Monday, March 29, 2010

Battle of consoles

Pictures googled

A friend triggered a question on this subject and I thought I might as well write about it, a good way to keep this blog up and running. *grins*

From my observation, the preference to play these gadgets does not correlate to geographical. It is more of a gender issue. I believe PSP is more appealing to boys due to its functions which require the interaction of both set of fingers. The games available for this console are more action-packed and the adrenaline rush is simply hard to resist. By the way, we know there is a child in us and there is no age limit when it comes to boys. During a period when I had to travel a lot, scenes of men with salt and pepper hair (or bald) in business suit playing PSP with big headphones in business lounge were a norm.

On the other hand, DSi attracts girls, women and nerdy men as it is more delicate to play. Most of the time, one only has to use its stylus and occasionally its buttons, depending on games. Further, if I look at the range, its games are more of a “thinking” type and cater to different groups, hence more variety. Another thing I notice is that DSi is more family friendly. Take brain training for example. I have seen a family where all could play and take turns to see who has the best mind.

So I hope that answers your question. Boys, no matter where they are, prefer PSP over DSi. Let them enjoy the rush but be prepared for bruises here and there. I know some boys get overexcited while playing, especially those war or race games that their body react way too much.

Oh, not forgetting the “throwing the console on the floor” scene when they lose. Girls are slightly better when handling frustration. They simply switch off DSi without saving the game and throw them gently on the sofa. Occasionally they cry. *smiles

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mrs Popular?

At the school compound yesterday,

Girl: Why didnt you come to the museum?
Me: Oh, your class teacher asked me at the last minute and I had already made plans.
Girl: But he said you could join us anytime during the day.
Me: I know. Maybe next time, ok?
Girl: Thank you! You are the best. *with a big hug*
Me: *stunned*

FYI, the girl is the young lady's classmate and I was overwhelmed by her level of affection. Apparently the young lady said that her friends adore me (with a tinge of proud in her remark).

If I start bringing muffins or puffs to school, I wonder how many hugs would I get from these kids. Did I mention that these days the young lady gets warm serunding puffs for her tea? *smiles*

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Of being City slaves

Picture from Guardian

Soulless but lucrative.

Undeniably, the main reason that most of us join and stay in this line is money. The lure of wealth makes it a huge attraction for graduates, regardless of their major at university. From engineering to performing arts students, they submit their application and those who hold first class from top schools will eventually make it. With a minimum starting salary of £24k per annum (and maybe up to £36k), bright and driven students will nail a role in the City before they graduate, unless of course they fail their final semester.

By the time they reach mid or late 20s, it is likely they will be at managerial level, with basic pay of double or triple than what they started and ridiculous bonus amount, common for those working at bulge brackets. Despite working like mad dogs, most persevere and continue, thinking that they should at least own a country house or a holiday home in neighbouring countries before they slow down.

However, these days many feel that there is more to life than being a City slave. An article which appeared in Evening Standard mentioned that there is an increasing trend of corporate professionals quitting their soulless jobs and venturing into something new. From writing a book to joining a different platform e.g. advertising or F&B, many feel that it is possible to swim in an unknown territory and enjoy it.

So I am one of the five thousand Londoners who simply want to try something else. Having free time allows me to take part and volunteer in school activities. Sometimes my presence surprises the young lady, thinking that the workshop or project is meant for students and teachers only. As there is a recruitment drive for Malaysian students this week, I have been helping some to polish their CVs and giving tips based from my experience as an interviewer/assessor before.

Not forgetting the recent “project” which some of you have known. The experience was enjoyable despite how hectic it was, especially when it was a one-man show. I should have hired an assistant for my own production but my outsourcing methods did the trick, giving a push to the overall performance. Suffice to say we had a great time.

Three months ago I couldn’t see myself doing these things. Now, even the young lady keeps planting seeds of ideas in my head, things we both can do together. Perhaps that is why it is fulfilling.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

To Glee fanatics

Have a good weekend friends and remember, live life! Cherish the moment with our loved ones. Life is too short to be wasted and we dont need another wrinkle added, unless if you are fortunate enough to get De la Mer.

Ps: I wonder if IDB was there when this took place. Momster, do ask her k? *grins

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In memory of

At close to midnight, I sensed the vibration of my mobile and simply thought that it was the alarm. I went to bed early last night as my flu-like symptom was driving me nuts. It took me a few seconds to realise that it was actually a phone call.

Sensing something was wrong, I braced myself before picking up. On the other end, the person was trying her best to break the news sensibly but it was proven difficult. In between her sobs, I found out our friend, Ruby, had passed away....

I first ‘met’ this lady full of elegance a few years back during my search of the movie ‘Cinta’. I made a posting about this movie, referring to her review as well. It was from then onwards we started to become friends in this blogosphere.

It was only in Summer 2007 that we had a chance to physically meet. Prompted by a dear blogger, I decided to see this lady in person. I took the young lady along, who was only 6 years old at that time, and the venue was KLCC, a place convenient for both us.

Her jovial personality and warmth made it so easy to click that we ended a few hours at two cafes. Even the young lady was not complaining as Aunty Ruby simple knew how to win her heart. She was good with kids, a trait most of us could sense from her way of writing and her effort in giving back to the society.

She touched the lives of many and will be missed. She will always be in our thoughts...


Friday, March 12, 2010

Special Sunday

Mini B: I cant wait for Sunday!
Me: What do you want to do? Catch a movie, lunch or tea at our favourite cafe?
Mini B: Dont worry mummy. I have everything planned out. *grins*

Hmm, now I am curious on what she has under her sleeves. She is full of surprises and her creativity is limitless, unlike me who fails miserably when it comes to art.

I am sure whatever she has in her mind to celebrate the special day, it will be awesome. Until then, I hope I wont ruin her excitement and try my best to stay away from her effort in getting it done, even if it means waking up much later than usual so that she gets some privacy to do her master creation. *wink*

Wishing our friends Happy Mother’s Day

Monday, March 08, 2010

Stumbling block

I hope we can find a way around it. Otherwise, we’ll have to make some changes which are in favour of the young lady. I could see she was trying to hide her smile when I broke the news.

I dont blame her. This is where she grew up and her reluctance to move is understandable. Even I myself find it hard to leave this place despite its weather which can be cruel sometimes.

Yet, my heart secretly longs for the presence of the other half. At times I wish I could express myself better but often that is not the case as I am always a ‘head’ person where decisions made are based on practical reason. Sometimes it can be interpreted that I dont care enough when my heart screams otherwise.

How I wish for it to be simpler...

Friday, March 05, 2010

A legend made it to the list

Pix from CNN GO

I feel this is something worth sharing. This guy made it to the Top 25 greatest actors of all time in Asia. Thanks to people like Naz and Kak Teh who sometimes take us to a blast-from-the-past moment with their clips or post of his movies.

You can read more

Have a good weekend friends!

ps: Mr Bachchan also made it to the list. Oh yes, I used to watch a lot of Hindi movies back then. *grins*

Monday, March 01, 2010

Between mocha, haircut and model on-the-go

It was a beautiful day. The temperature was mild and the sun was out, giving the warmth feeling which many have been wishing for. The winter spell has lasted longer than expected this year. It was nice to see clear skies and sunshine.

I decided to wear denim skirt matched with knee-high boots. After dropping the young lady at school, I thought it’d be good to have a date with my stylist. When I completed my errands, I grabbed a tall mocha with cream on top and a newspaper before heading to his place. I was the only customer there and that gave me an opportunity to relax and unwind (e.g. gossip with him). I never bother to specify what needs to be done with my hair. As always, I simply allowed him to use his creativity.

He said I looked vibrant and energetic, perhaps due to this break. In fact, I have been stopped a few times on whether I’d be interested to be a model which I believe was prompted due to height and skinny size. I was told that it’s common for them to find one on the street. A friend got to be a hair model and for a few hours of work, the pay was not bad at all. She even gets free haircuts from then onwards.

Picture from

I’m not easily swayed by these tempting offers, unless of course they throw in some freebies such as shoes, clothes or bags. Now that’s what we call as a great bargain. *grins* The girlfriend said as long as they dont involve ‘au-naturel’, there is no harm in giving it a go. Just make sure arm candy and sexy soles are part of the deal. *lol*

I should really start calling the shipping company and get things moving. It seems there are many things that keep me occupy and I must admit that I am enjoying every minute of it! I even managed to have a half-an-hour chat with my dad who said I’m doing the right thing for taking a break after more than a decade in this highly-demanding profession. Previously, our conversations are always short and only last ten minutes the most, unless there is an issue involved.

As I picked up the young lady, a mom asked “are you off work today?” Obviously I was never around to pick her before or hardly participated in school activities. I only attend unlike some parents who have the luxury to contribute their time and effort.

Me: “I resigned a few weeks ago. Just taking a break for some time.”
The mom: “You are a lawyer, right?”
Me: “Nope. I’m xxxx”
The mom: “Oh yeah. That’s even worse. You practically dont have a life.”

Need I say more? Now let’s have some fun! *grins*