Saturday, March 31, 2012

off to Byzantium

School hols has started and we will be heading to the historic city of Byzantium, our first trip together as a family. Weather forecast seems to be good and hopefully we get to explore many places in a week.

Will update when we come back. :)

Friday, March 02, 2012

A glimpse of spring

I apologise for somewhat neglecting this place as my life has been subject to constant change. Yet despite those dark clouds and gloomy weather, there is still a bit of sunshine that tries to brighten up my life and fill me with joy and hope.

When we arrived home after our brief holiday in Malaysia a few days ago, our eyes caught those huge envelopes on the floor. The tiredness and jetlag overwhelmed us that I decided to ignore those letters and head to our rooms to get some rest. It was only the next morning that I decided to check them out. I am happy to share that the young lady received offers from two top public schools and to add honey, her maths result were superb according to those letters. One of the schools attained 93% all As in GCSE whilst another has strong science results with 70% A* in Maths.

Her luck seemed to be on a roll when today we found out that she got an offer from a government school under a special route/course where selection is based on top 15-20 scorers. Despite being comprehensive i.e. equal proportion between smart, average and under-performing students, the school obtained 45% all As in GCSE. The route or course which she will be taking has strong support and funding which includes exchange program with schools abroad.

I remember how challenging it was for her to go through this gruelling experience. Countless exams as most good government schools have their own entrance tests whilst some private schools are kind enough to group themselves together so that kids sit for one exam which can be shared. Thankfully the interviews were fairly ok, fun to certain extent.

We are extremely thrilled as all the schools are her top choices. It was her who sailed the ship and I was only there to guide her. The way she disciplined herself was commendable and at times I had to remind her to chill and be a kid. By now I think she understands that her hard work is paid off and the rewards are simply sweet.

Congratulations my love! You totally deserve it. I am very proud of you and no matter where you go, I am sure that you will do well. I seek for your understanding should things don’t go as planned due to our unique circumstance but rest assured you and I both know that you’ll strive no matter what.