Thursday, November 17, 2011


It was a heart-breaking scene for me, to see the young lady broke down and expressed her frustration. It was only then that I realised how much pressured she felt all these while.

“My teachers and classmates expect me to do well and I simply couldn’t handle,” came the words out from her mouth.

We were walking back to the station and I stopped halfway to give her the longest hug, oblivious to our surrounding.

It’s good to be recognised as gifted and able but along with it comes responsibility. She knew what it meant to perform well on that day; that her school is capable to produce bright students like her.

Regardless which school she attends, she has demonstrated that she is able to excel. Yet in her case, the reason she has managed to do so is because she feels tests are fun. Since they are done randomly, there is no preparation involved which makes it more exciting (her words, not mine. I feel exams are horrendous).

That night while I tucked her into bed, I told her that it is pointless to be academically strong when you are clueless about life. I want her to be culturally rich, understand and appreciate her religion, able to connect with other people, remember her roots no matter where our journey takes us.

Above all, I want her to cherish her childhood and explore things which might lead to her passion.

I am proud of her achievements and thankful for what she has become. I hope she knows that too….

But if you never try, you’ll never know
Just what you are worth

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cafe revisited

I wonder why people assume cafés are the best place to discuss issues not meant for the light-hearted. Ellen once highlighted this and recently I had an unpleasant encounter of such meeting which didn’t end up well.

I presumed this couple was on the verge of separation or finalising their divorce. The topic was the guy’s access to the kids which I think was increased from fortnightly to weekly. It was a good thing, however, the guy lives quite far and commuting to London weekly was not practical.

Imagine his horror when the rationale for this proposal was to give mum more time with her new beau.

Then the next topic was trust funds which the lady wanted to increase age of full access so that she has control of the money. Somehow image of that Beetles’ guy and his ex-wife crossed my mind. At this point, the guy was fuming mad and stormed out. I don’t blame him as I would probably go nuts as well.

I had to keep a straight face reading the newspaper when this couple was right behind me, trying to keep their conversation under control.

Totally awkward!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Splurge of the day

Out of the blue, I decided to head to the nearest HMV store and got myself the following:

I totally love their latest single, hence it was just a matter of time to get the album and check it out. I’ve only listened to it once but I feel it was worth it.

No doubt the song that makes people sway their hips has got my attention to get their CD. Unfortunately I have yet to play it.

As for the young lady, this was her choice:

Obviously her album has conquered the stereo. Hmmm…..

Perhaps I should come up with a chart and both of us have equal slot time to play our songs. Then
again, that wouldn’t stop her from singing her heart out.

Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, November 04, 2011


I am back!! *smiles*

Our home broadband was up and running since yesterday and I must say that the speed is one those things that I miss when I am back in Malaysia. Our place feels homely with pictures and adornments placed on shelves and walls. Her red bookshelf couldnt cope with her collection and they have occupied the corridor's spare shelf. I figured out how to set up the home theatre system (someone should have warned me that the speakers' base weight a tonne!) and all the channels are crystal clear.

As we will be hosting our house-warming this Sunday, I have started the preparation by making kerisik from scratch today. We are changing the menu slightly. Instead of soto, we will probably make nasi jagung which will go well with salad for my vegetarian friends. Pulut is a must and the young lady looks forward to it. Not forgetting chicken rendang and beef curry.

Happy Eid everyone!