Monday, March 30, 2009

Tinker's facts and dummy guide

I was tagged by Cosmic Gurl to share Tinker Fairy’s facts. Here goes...

1) She’s sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
-Music video i.e. UK top 40.
2) You’re out to eat; what kind of dressing does she get on her salad?
- None.
3) What’s one food she doesn’t like?
- Onions (err..does that count? She’s not a fussy eater)
4) You go out to eat and have a drink. What does she order?
- Water.
5) Where did she go to high school?
- I haven’t decided on that yet.
6) What size shoes does she wear?
- Size 11
7) If she was to collect anything, what would it be?
- At present, build-a-bear soft toys. She has about 10 Barbies and a few Bratz. Oh yeah! BOOKS! She has at least 30++ books of one fairy series, +- 10 books on the other 2-3 collections.
8) What is her favorite type of sandwich?
- Tuna
9) What would this person eat every day if she could?
- Roast chicken or lamb

10) What is her favorite cereal?
- I think it’s the plain cornflakes. She usually takes pain-au-chocolat or butter rolls for breakfast.
11) What would she never wear?
- Anything that can’t be matched with her outfit.

12) What is her favorite sports team?
- Too early to tell. *grins*

13) Who did she vote for?
- Are we talking about American Idol here?

14) Who is her best friend?
- her class mate.

15. What is something you do that she wishes you wouldn’t do?
- what else if not nag.

16. What is her heritage?
- huh? Malay.

17. What is her favourite colour?
- Red or brown. Actually, it depends on the colour for the season’s collection.

18. What is her habit?
- Once she picks a book, it’s hard for her to put it down. She’ll make time to complete it, even while waiting for me to get ready before we leave for school in the morning.

19. What is she proud of?
- That she has me as her mom. Apparently I am one of the coolest moms at school. I was told that her friends admire me. (there aren’t many career moms sending their kids to school)

20. Lastly, do you think she will read this?
- She would like to I think, given the chance.

I am not tagging anyone but feel free to do. *smiles*

What have I been up to these days? Work, as always. Last week was quite challenging as both home and work demanded my attention. When you are required to supervise your peers, you are expected to perform a level above. Thankfully the home affair was sorted with the help of the nanny. I am just glad that I didn’t crack during the chaos of juggling both affairs. The only reason I can write at the moment is because I am on leave. I try to take a day off every 5-6 weeks to unwind. Ideally, it is in my diary but half of the time, I have to cancel if work is demanding. Even so, I am tempted to check my emails and catch up on my work but I am trying hard to resist the desire. How pathetic can I be? Even on leave, I still think of work. *rolling eyes*

I have much to tell but probably towards the end of the week, if time permits. Sometimes I feel I should write a book, “The dummy’s guide on dating single mums”. Please don’t expect us to accept a date within a few hours notice. As much as you think we need adequate time to make ourselves presentable (or probably a love goddess) i.e. wax, shave, hoping the miracle cream will hide those stretch marks etc; our main concern is to make nanny arrangement for the kids. Please don’t be surprised if we simply decline, no matter how hot you are.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The love story so far

picture from tulipworld

As I entered the living room, there it was on the coffee table a bouquet of red tulips nicely arranged in a vase and in front of it, a handmade card. She has been performing this ritual over the last three years without fail. Once it was a bouquet of pink roses and another was a stem of red rose.

Over the weekend I was given a VIP treatment which meant I could do as I pleased and she would just tag along. On Saturday, off we went to do some damage on the card, followed by coffee at our favourite place and squeezed some time for an ice cream session in between our stops. It was a quiet affair on Sunday where we had lunch at a cosy place chosen by her nearby, the first for us. The place is definitely a hit for us as the atmosphere was groovy and the food was simply delicious. When our meal came, Mini B was practically in silence, enjoying every bit on her plate.

We spent our nights over the weekend early in bed with a good book. Occasionally she’d come closer to sniff my hair and when her eyes got too tired, she fell asleep while resting her head close to me as I was still enjoying my book.

It seems her favourite tune these days is Love Story by Taylor Swift and she keeps humming the song. I suppose the title fits this posting instead of stating the obvious. Mother’s day was definitely lovely this year as it was in the past, but perhaps it gets more creative and has more sense of personal touch, reflecting her personality. With her selection of flowers, her words in the card and things to do, I could see how much maturity she has gained and how she pulled her thoughts together to make the day special.

So thank you my love for the story so far...

Happy mother’s day to D, Kak Teh, Momster, Simah, Ruby, n.i., Naz and Touch Cookie. Here’s to being a yummy mummy. Oh by the way, it is Kak Teh’s birthday tomorrow. Kak Teh, if you are reading this, Happy Birthday! May you have more romantic days with AG.

Ps: this post is dedicated to a dear friend who reads silently (and sms without fail when my post entertains her). Look forward to more sunshine. After all, it is already spring.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ménage à trois

I am not referring to the physical act itself, but more of being caught in sticky situation, either visual or audio.

Apparently I found out that the visual accidents are common when you are a full time student due to the nature of sharing a place with others. Perhaps you had a bad day or felt ill that you decided to go home earlier than usual. Little did you expect that you will walk into a stress-relief activity by your house-mate. So you learn your lesson and make sure that you get back as planned or at least give a heads up, just in case.

However, the audio incidents are difficult to predict. Sometimes the neighbours forget that the walls have ear, or probably they do but simply couldn’t be bothered. Hey, when it's time to flush it out of the system, people will just drop everything. We get it but what's wrong by putting the music on? Not only it'll make it more pleasurable, it also serves as a filter for any sound effect to your neighbours (unless they happen to be one of those who enjoy tapping).

And then, there is the art of technology.

A 'hello' over the phone should be greeted by one as well. The last thing you need is to hear sound similar to a professional actor/actress (in that industry) or worse, the props involved. Definitely you do not see that coming. You try to shake off the audio effect but the more you try, the worse it gets and somehow, slowly the images start to emerge. You feel like a tape player for the whole day and the noise keeps rhyming in your head.

Word of advice, if you are busy at it, please, for heaven sake, make sure that your phone is far away from reach. You might accidently press the accept button instead of reject. Sometimes multi tasking is not advisable during ahem, certain activities.

Give this woman a break, will you? Not only she has been hibernating long enough, she has to endure such experiences. *rolling eyes* Why oh why do these things happen to me? *bury herself under the desk*

*Ms B hopes that there will be no more blunders in future, or at least for the week. She now has to think twice whenever she makes a phone call and probably resorts to a pair of ear muffins when she goes to bed.*

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bedtime snippets

While tucking her into bed, she saw me yawning and asked, “Why mummy?”

“I’m just tired honey.” I answered.

“Then come to bed with me and sleep.” She said with a hopeful look on her face.

“I can’t baby. I still need to do the dishes, fold the clothes and do some work” I replied while stroking her hair gently.

“Then when are you going to rest?” she asked with a concerned tone in her voice. I smiled and said, “I promise you that things will get better for us, ok?”

“You mean, when you have done all your work? When will that be?” by now, she had a cheerful smile and her eyes reflected signs of joy.

She does have a point, although I must admit her reason to get me to bed is to cuddle her and for her to fall asleep with my arms wrapped around her body. A good trick I must say, especially with those pair of hopeful eyes that one could not simply say no to them. Sometimes her action reminds me the Puss in Boots in Shrek. Truly adorable.

*Ms B wanted to write about ‘the kitten in us’ which she thinks her friends will look forward to read. Perhaps a neck and back massage will help the idea flowing but first she needs a strong pair of hands.*

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nostalgia #3

When you were here before,
Couldn't look you in the eye
You're just like an angel,
Your skin makes me cry

You float like a feather
In a beautiful world
I wish I was special
You're so very special

But I'm a creep,
I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doin' here?
I don't belong here

Friday, March 13, 2009

The glass slippers story

I remember some time ago, I had a chat with one vogue lady aka The Godmother (but she looks like a sister!) about a well-known designer. It was more about his personality and nothing to do with his design. I always bump into him but never had the nerve to say hi. The Godmother always assures me that he’s a lovely person but still, I am sure I will hesitate the moment I try to strike a conversation with him.

Then The Godmother said something unthinkable, “why don’t you go to his place and get something custom made?

Right…as if that will ever happen. I told her there was no way I would ever step into his place, knowing I was no where close of getting something as exquisite. The idea never crossed my mind. The Godmother said I should, saying that one day my turn will arrive.

Then a few days ago, a friend who is also a colleague told that she hasn’t browsed for her wedding items and wanted to check out some of the couture designers. I mentioned his name and obviously my friend was interested. She intends to get an appointment at his place and wants me to accompany.

I suppose The Godmother’s prediction is coming true, well almost. I am not getting anything for myself but stepping inside the boutique is one step closer of reaching there. I suppose it is just a matter of time for me to own a pair of glass slippers.

Have a good weekend friends!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Journey of desire

As we strain to grasp the things we desire, the things that we think will make our lives better---money, popularity, fame---we ignore what truly matter--the simple things-- like friendship, family, love--the things we probably already had.
Lucas, OTH

There were many moments in my life that I experienced how people became caught up in their desire to pursue their ambition. Ambition is good. It shows that we want to achieve more in life and we are determined to reach for our dreams.

However, sometimes during our pursuit towards bigger goals, we forget the important things in life. Should we fall under this group, no matter how much we’ve achieved, it will never be enough. There will be more excuses for not making the calls, for not making time, for not taking that trip....

By the time we realise how much we have missed, often they are too late. We can never turn back the clock and capture those moments. Some of us might be lucky enough to be given a second chance. The damage has been done but perhaps the wounds have healed, hence another opportunity is given. However, the scar remains as a reminder to them how life was when we were not there when they needed us the most. We try to repair the damage but usually, things will never be the same. A broken doll glued together is not as good as the one in perfect condition, no matter how immaculate our art of piecing them. Yet, the imperfection of a broken doll should make us handle them with better care. Similarly, if we realise of the scars we created, hopefully we become a better person when given a second chance.

For some, it could be a lifelong regret as the person might no longer be around...

But then again, it is better to be having regrets than still be lost in our journey of never-ending desire....

Monday, March 09, 2009


My favourite singer will be having his concert here next month. Unfortunately, none of my friends are available to go. Either they are away on that week or it is just not their cup of tea.

Just my luck, eh? Sigh...

For today I wished how nice it’d be if I had a boyfriend. Not only I get to drag him along, he’d be paying for the tickets. *grins*

To add salt to my wound, I was told that I’d have a new deal this week, with structure I’m not familiar with, on top of my current work. I was already on the verge on thinking why I am still in this role. That was up until the meeting I had this morning. The MD leading this project looks like:

pic: gossipgirl

He looks damn good in his suit and I could sense he has a nice built underneath. (Un)fortunately, there was no ring in sight, which makes it harder to focus. Complex or not, I’d definitely not mind to be involved in this deal, especially knowing I’d be working closely with him. *fanning herself*

It was probably the best Monday I had so far. *winks*

So if next time I feel like leaving my profession, can you please remind me why I shouldn’t? *LOL*

Now, back to this concert, maybe I should put up an advert, “boyfriend for hire for a night. To accompany to a concert. Must portray he enjoys the show i.e. memorises most of the popular songs and sings along. Must send the lady back to her home. Whether she invites him for coffee is up to his performance throughout the concert.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Nostalgia #2

Runaway train, never going back
Wrong way on a one-way track
Seems like I should be getting somewhere
Somehow I'm neither here nor there

Can you help me remember how to smile?
Make it somehow all seem worthwhile
How on earth did I get so jaded?
Life's mystery seems so faded

Friday, March 06, 2009

Fashionista, me?

On my out of the tube station this morning, a lady approached and asked, “Excuse me. Where did you get your boots from?”

“I beg your pardon?” I replied.

“Your boots. Where did you get them?” she continued.

“oh, from XYZ.” I said.

“Thanks. I’ll find the shop.” She answered with a smile on her face.

That made me smile whole day. Never thought that anyone would stop me and ask about my shoes or any fashion item for that matter. Clearly a good sign, eh? *winks* Especially since I am meeting a model cum broadcaster for coffee later. I was already gobsmacked when I met her a few days ago. No ageing signs at all! To add to her beauty, she has such a great personality; down to earth and so laid back.

A rare gem indeed.

Have a good weekend friends!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A cup of mocha

Derek: Yep. I should have called.
Sam: No...
Derek: I should have stayed in touch. It's my fault.
Sam: Hey, people move, they change. You know, we all do.

The weekend was spent with an old friend, sharing conversation about our past and present life. We talked about the things we did which would probably raise the eyebrows of many. It wasn’t bad or sinful. They were just daring, especially for girls like us. On face value, we would probably be the least to do such acts. Maybe we didn’t portray to have such energy, courage or perhaps, crazy thoughts. *lol*

Admittedly, I am no longer the same person as I was before, hence explains why I could only reconnect to a handful of people from the past. I dont pretend to be nice. However, the nature of my work teaches me to be civilised or handle sticky situation with due care. If I have to deal with someone I dislike for a good reason, I shall be diplomatic. Else, I just don’t bother. I could easily erase a person’s contact details without conscious.

For some people, those who truly deserve my friendship, it takes no effort for me to remember all the nitty gritty details about them. I memorise a friend’s phone number over the last 6-7 years and just realise that I never actually saved her detail in my mobile. I call her at least once a month or two and met her once in the last 5 years. I remember a few friends’ birthday and they are never recorded in my outlook diary or pda. I could recall the love stories of some and even that surprised them too.

We could not help ourselves from changing. Whether we like it or not, the experiences we had, the path we chose, they mould us to who we are. We should not expect people to accept us as chances are, most of them dont.

But for those who do, those who take effort to maintain the bond, those who let us shine and take pride that we have probably changed for the better, they are the ones who truly deserve our friendship.

And for these friends, I shall be by their side whenever they need someone to lift their spirits up, even if it is just making a cup of mocha.

*Ms B is still having problem sleeping, but at least she is not physically tired or mentally stressed. She managed to catch up two episodes of GA and Gossip girl last night, which was a true remedy. Oh, she also had a good time playing ‘cooking mama’ with Mini B.*