Friday, May 25, 2012

Sun and sea

Weather has been brilliant for the past few days and people are pretty much enjoying themselves by taking a stroll or hanging out at the parks. I have been making extra journey compare to my usual morning routine. There was one day when I walked for more than an hour, back and forth, feeling ray of sunshine and soft breeze touching my skin. Heaven indeed.

In fact these glorious days have made me pined for a holiday by the beach. The last time we had one was a year ago where the young lady spent her days with the Partner at the pool or making sandcastles while I indulged myself into much-deserved spa treatment. I am really hoping that we can squeeze a sun-sea holiday this summer either in M’sia or Turkey. As always, I will be fussing about my tan and while the Partner gets burnt easily, he wont be a shade darker. In fact after his skin peels off, they become smoother and it is bloody annoying that he doesn’t have to spend a penny for it. Geesh!! Thankfully he finds my tone-changing appealing and doesn’t seem to understand why I keep complaining whenever I see myself reacting positively to Mr Sun.

For the time being I can only daydream of lounging myself under a huge umbrella while listening to the laughter of my two precious angles building an awesome castle nearby. Hmm, if I know them better, they will probably annoy each other on what needs to be done for the masterpiece. I must remind myself to plug my ears and listen to my favourite tunes.      

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Grey Trilogy

I wanted to put F*fty Sh*des as this title but it might attract many attention via google search. *grins* I couldn’t believe that I managed to complete the three books in a week. Heck, I read the remaining two books in the past 3 days!

Steamy scenes aside, they are actually quite good. In fact, after the first novel, I sometimes skipped some of the sexy stuffs as I was more interested in this Christian character. The way his layers were being unravelled made it such an intriguing story. A fine-looking man with everything at his fingertips yet has huge baggage on his shoulders. His coping mechanism might be unorthodox to many but one must understand what he had gone through to accept the way he is.

The only thing that made me puzzled was the amount of ‘mind-blowing’ session. I seriously doubt anyone can perform that frequent no matter how much rage are their hormones. To be doing it at constant basis consumes so much time and energy. Then again, if it helps to bring back the spark and flames among married old coupes, I suppose those scenes are beneficial.

On another note, my articles have been given a thumbs-up. Many thanks to Prof Fox for taking her precious time to review my blabbering thoughts. It seems I have another role added to my CV. *smiles*

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The new man in town

Generally I buy books because of the following reasons:

1.     They are on sale/offer i.e. 50%, 3 for 2 etc. WHSmith gives superb discount but not many people are aware of their vouchers (I used to be one of those). The books can be random and most of the time, I got lucky i.e. good storyline/content. However, there are books which fall under ‘why on earth did I choose this’ and ended up on the shelf, unfinished.

2.     The TV/movie adaptation is awesome or received great reviews e.g. Games of Thrones, TVD, Twilight, Percy Jackson etc.

3.     Under #1 category and they happen to be great, I will definitely get the whole series (Blue Bloods).

I am unsure how I got into the Potter fever but all I could remember that I was pregnant when I read the first book and fell in love instantly.

Anyway, this entry is triggered by my recent steal which fell under #1, however I think the fact that it was mentioned on Ellen show that made me intrigued. Not knowing what it was i.e. reading the reviews or synopsis, I simply picked up the book upon seeing the huge discount that went with it.

It was only when I came home that I went online to find out about it. Imagine my surprise when the book was classified as “adult”, specifically tailored for mommies. Darn it! What have I got myself into? *rolling eyes*

Oh what the heck. I got the book, hence might as well read it. I am only on chapter three and already falling hard for Christian Grey; “attractive and deeply intimidating”.

He’s looking down at me, his gaze hooded, his eyes darkening.

Step aside Damon Salvatore for there is a new man in town.

Ps: Apparently they are going to make a series out of this book and potentially Ian will be playing the leading part. *grins*

Friday, May 11, 2012

Muffins and scones

I think I am going through a ‘phase'. I was feeling utterly miserable for the past few days that I decided to do something different. So when the young lady came home yesterday, there was a surprise for her.

A tray of home baked scones for tea. She was grinning from ear to ear.

It did the trick and took away the blues, and Mr Sun finally showed up today. Beautiful day indeed.  

And I promised her that we’ll make muffins this weekend.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The chatterbox story

A few days ago the young lady and I were looking at our old videos, snippets caught by my mobile phone or camera. I remember people use to point out on her heavy accent but truthfully, I hardly notice it. I suppose when that person is always around you, you don’t pick up on these things. Yet when we were watching these videos, we couldn’t help ourselves from laughing as she sounded like a typical British kid. She even remarked, “I sounded like Emma.”  Emma is our neighbour’s kid who is five years old, an adorable girl with blue eyes, brown hair and rosy cheeks.

I remember the day when she started her nursery/childcare centre, she barely spoke a word during the first few months. The carers said that it was normal for kids like her to be behaving like that as English was not their mother tongue. She understood their instructions and what was expected from her but she was just quiet, even when she played with her friends!

Then one fine day, out of nowhere she started to speak. Her vocabulary multiplied overnight and she talked so much that I nicknamed her ‘chatterbox’. She even had a mole on her lips soon after which I used to my advantage when she couldn’t keep her mouth shut, “if you don’t stop talking, moles will start popping.”

That’d keep her silent for probably ten minutes.
Those videos took me back to memory lane, a journey of a timid girl who has blossomed to a fine young lady. Occasionally she lets herself be a baby and let me treat her like one so that I don’t miss her much. We’ll let the cookie monster who lives under the duvet to come out and play or the fairy to take away our clothes from the washing machine and use her magic wand to make them clean. Somehow I feel she is helping me to find my inner child who was lost at a young age. Being with her makes me feel young at heart.  

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Making a difference

One article down, another to go. I was told that I could contribute a piece monthly but I rather prepare a few and give them a choice on which they feel fit to publish. If they like them all, it’ll be much easier i.e. there goes a few months of work done. *smile*

Anyway, the owner of the flat upstairs decided to renovate his flat and thus, the drilling and hammering have been bugging me to the extent that I have lost focus. Instead of starting on that new paper, I might as well channel my thoughts to this blog.

Of late, the topic for coffee is around the recent event back home which I do not want to dwell much into. I think many have covered it from different angle and it is up to individuals to analyse. Personally, I feel one can turn those strong energy into something more useful such as doing good deed at your kids’ school, charity run or walk, volunteering at hospitals or orphanage, etc. There are many ways on how we can make a difference and it is always the littlest thing that goes unnoticed.

How many of us sit together for family dinner?

How often do we read to our kids before they go to bed?

When was the last time we spoke to those who are close to our heart?

With my daily routine, I tend to see the same old faces; the old guy in his suit and walking stick, that elderly lady in her bright red jacket doing her errands, the frail woman who does her walk by leaning on her wheelchair and pushes it slowly. All have something in common; their faces light up whenever I greet or smile at them.
I think I am making a difference in their life.