Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Holiday review

Generally it was a good holiday and we managed to catch up with family and friends. The young lady spends every week with her cousins, strengthening the bond they share. Her group has been dominated by girls until the arrival of two nephews. The little ones are not amused and have been keeping everyone on their toes with their constant demand of attention. The young lady and her closest ally are sensible enough to mind their own business.

It also gives perspective to the young lady on why she prefers to live in London. Having big families requires time management, often results to the sacrifice of our ‘me slot’. Sometimes all she wants to do is to stay in the bedroom and enjoy her own company!

Perhaps I should consider doing contracting roles like some of my friends as they are able to squeeze 3 months of break in a year with their family, a good choice if they live on the other side of the world like Down Under. Some posts can lead up to double the remuneration of permanent jobs. Smart people tend to set up their own firm and engage headhunters to outsource contracting jobs to them in view of favourable tax. Perhaps I should explore this option if I want greater flexibility.

On the hand, I am also looking at possibility of returning given the right opportunity. Hence, I have spoken to friends if something comes up in their radar and mention my name to the party.

Hmm, my life seems to have constant changes. I am not sure if it is a good thing. Yet friends envy me for having some freedom to pursue what’s best for me and the young lady. In their eyes, I have wider options to go beyond. I should thank the path that was guided to me 15 years ago and just like a chess game, I made the right moves. Not all of them turned out well but the end results have led to where I am now.

Anyway, I am glad I caught up with my closest friends. The Professors – Fox and Chic, The Crazy Bunch, Ms Sixty who looks damn sexy despite giving birth a month ago, Single Lady, my trendy ‘adik-adik’ who are now working in the same line which I had 10 years ago, and Mrs Rock & family. Oh yeah, I managed to meet Momster briefly (we’ll catch up properly in few weeks’ time, ok?).

So I’ll keep you posted once we are back in UK. *smiles*

Saturday, August 27, 2011

of Eid

I feel there is a lump in my throat, wishing to be freed and let the world know without thinking of the consequences. Yet here I am in a society where one can only share so much. One should know when it is ok to speak up.

So I remain silent and pray that I can survive the next few days without losing my mind.

Strange enough, I don’t feel the enthusiasm to celebrate Eid as others. While some rush to get new clothes or shoes, revamp their house or pamper themselves to look good for the day, I simply make do with what I have. Last year’s dresses were only worn once or twice and they still look awesome. It didn’t even occur to the young lady to request for new stuff as she knows she has more than enough.

In fact, I felt more blessed when we were in London; feeling thankful with what we had and having her by my side was more than enough to make Eid memorable.

I suppose the feeling is normal when you have spent a number of years away on this special occasion.

As long as the young lady is happy that she gets to spend Eid here, I know I am doing the right thing. What matters is her happiness and I try to fulfil as much as I can, even if it means our actions may not conform to the ‘right’ way of doing things.

Yet culture is subject to change and if our action does no harm, in fact brings people together, I do not see the problem of doing so.

I hope you have a blessed Eid.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

what's your name?

What do you get when three old buddies get-together after years being apart? One awesome night full of crazy stuff! From singing birthday song together with the service crew to eyeing good-looking boys, it was as if we never left and didn’t age.
Of course the fact a friend happens to be VVIP of the restaurant due to her frequent trips there made the whole thing great. We felt at home and simply were being ourselves, which involved dance moves and being super-friendly with their team.

The bonus was a huge piece of delicious Pavlova for us to share. I settled for Tiramisu. The double-blow was too much to handle that I couldn’t sleep last night. Sugar and caffeine over-dosed.

Once again I became the victim as my friends ‘humiliated’ me with their constant questions about a particular guy who was serving us. It wasn’t easy for the handsome looking with nicely built body Uzbek that he blushed for a few times. As he’s pursuing post-graduate course, he definitely knew how to keep the conversation going.

Anyway, it was a great night. Lovely food and in company of good friends. I hope we’ll continue this tradition in years to come. Our group was incomplete as a friend is in Perth and it would have been crazier if she was there.

And it all started with a question to the Miller look-a-like, “what’s your name?” His smile made our day (me in particular). *grins*

Friday, August 19, 2011

New toy(s)

After searching high and low, days of pondering, I finally decided to get myself this new gadget. Our baby has served us for more than four years and since the young lady was given a Tab from her dad, I thought it’d be better to invest in a sleek machine for myself due to our constant travelling.

Easy to manage, light to carry even in my arm candies, I do feel it is worth every penny.

The sale assistant couldn’t believe that I was serious about getting this toy that he reconfirmed many times. I made my decision within minutes but little did he know that I have been searching for days at different places. As my negotiation skill was displayed at its fullest, added with the slight inconvenience caused by their card reader, I managed to get more freebies than anticipated.

It is also a bonus when your brother happens to major in computer-related courses that I got quite a number of software.

Suffice to say I was a happy woman yesterday.

Presenting our babies:

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Of holidays, home and ramadan

It's been 3 weeks since I last checked my gmail or blogs which I usually frequented. Life has been hectic catching up with family and friends near and far. Lil A and mom decided to pay us a visit and the four of us had a lovely girly time. The girls havent seen each other for a few years yet they are as close as ever despite the age gap, probably due to Lil A's sharp memory. The young lady also spent more time with an old friend of hers which included a sleepover at their place. I think she deserves to do whatever she wants to do this year, instead the normal routine.

It feels different to be here, agreed by both of us. The emotional attachment is slowly disappearing, a topic which I have been discussing heavily among close friends. I suppose we have our lives to lead and try not to dwell into petty issues.

Whatever it is, I am thankful with what I have, which includes true friendship. Perhaps the young lady is also learning this life's lesson and as such, looks forward to our new beginning. We feel his absence and wish we can be together, although it means high level of tolerance on my side due to the annoying tease between those playful two.

Anyway.... I hope it's not too late to wish everyone a blessed ramadan. Let's enjoy the bazaar! *smiles*