Sunday, February 25, 2007

Perfect fairy tale!

We are back! We had a lovely holiday. Perfect fairy tale.

The cosy weather in Naples, the beautiful view and surroundings, chauffer throughout our stay, the hotel suite bigger than our apartment in London, shopping like in Pretty Woman....

I shall tell more. Another week of outstation. But I'm sure the above give plenty of hints and room for imagination...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


We are leaving to Naples tomorrow. The little one is very excited. She even asked me to pack last night. I know I should be feeling the same.

The truth is, as much as I’m looking forward to this trip, spending time with my girl, exploring a new city as we always do, I feel a bit of emptiness. I am missing someone…

How do you let go those sweet memories? Those acts of kindness which then lead to a beautiful friendship? And sometimes those actions speak more...

I know it’s not easy for me to let go. But I must. For my own good…

God sent me an angel during my difficult times, and I’m thankful that it was you.

I hope me and the little one will have a good time.

Au revoir mes amies! Will update our fairytale story.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Men who really understand women

I read this article over the weekend at a friend’s place, “The 50 men who really understand women”.,,2007664,00.html

Now, I believe every woman would love to know who made it (and how the hell do they actually understand us!). So that kept me reading the whole article.

The #1 man was George Clooney. He’s 45 by the way and still looks hot! “What he does know is how to make even sensible women go wobbly at the knees, and he has a startlingly cross-generational appeal.”

Surprisingly for me, most of the guys who made the cut are above 50. Do they get better as they age or is it because at their age, they just couldn’t be bothered with our complexity? I’m sure every girl has had their fair share of being labelled as “complex” by their other half.

At my age, the men around me can be divided into 3 groups. The young or my friends always term them as “toy boy”, the peers who seem to-be-there-but-cant-figure-out-what-they-want and lastly, the matured or simpler terms “old”.

The young ones, hmmm, well, simply adventurous, full of life and you have to admit, if you go out with this group, it boosts your ego. I’m sure people envy Demi for nailing Ashton. The bad part, it just annoys you that every decision he makes, he seeks your advice. Kind of feel like a brother than a boyfriend.

The peers are the ones who are at least at your level or above. They have been there, done that. Most of they have achieved their goals or tasted some sweet successes. Unfortunately, these men still have ego problems. Any misunderstanding, they still expect us to compromise. To some extreme, they can go for weeks being silent until we apologise. Sigh…

As for the old men, well, they are old, most likely bald or definitely white hair, big tummy, and of course no hot looking like the other two groups. However, maybe because of their age, they just give in. Life is too short (especially for them). Why do we need to make a big fuss of little things? Most importantly, they make us feel like queens! You just melt each time they do those romantic gestures. I’m sure we wouldn’t mind dating an old guy if he looks like Sean Connery. For his age, he still looks yummy!

To those 50 guys who made the list, thank you for understanding us!

ps: Happy Chinese New Year!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Something to smile

Got an email from a senior partner today saying that the firm released a report to public. It has something to do with market trends. She thanked the people behind the research and publication of the report (less than 10 people) and you wouldn’t believe who was in that list. Me!!!!!! I’m surprised! Couldn’t remember when did I help out but after reviewing the report (nicely done, with all the right corporate colours), I saw a section that had my touch, contributing 30% of a page (this report was only 4 pages, and one page was dedicated to “contact persons” which was her and another director).

A very happy ending for this day.

Fairy tales land

Told my mom about Mr Milan and asked how she feels about it. She said, “after what you’ve been through, you and your daughter deserve to be pampered.”

Mom has always been hopelessly romantic. I think she read too many romance novels during her school days.

“The five-star hotels include Hotel Excelsior, which is situated on Via Partenope. This is an example of elegance, luxury, and tradition, and the rooms have the best view of the bay. Its majesty and refinement make it the ideal place for wealthy guests who know exactly what they want.”

For a few days, we will feel like “rich and famous” people. :D I’m already happy to stay at this hotel! I wonder what other surprises in store for us. I think we might go down to memory lane. It is his hometown. He must have lots of stories to tell, if only I can understand them or he can express it better. Bought Italian phrasebook but doubt I can master the language within the next few days. At least I know how to order frutti di mare (seafood).

Sent a picture of us to his PA. She said now she understands Mr Milan. As usual, my daughter gets more compliments than me. She looks really lovely in that picture.

One week to go…..

ps: I bought a bouquet of pink roses for her. She was very happy! Made her day.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Love is in the air

There is love in the air. I haven’t been celebrating this occasion for the past few years. It just slips away. Well, I did have a good reason to celebrate but never did. It was my engagement anniversary.

You see, over time, people just forget. Birthdays, anniversaries. Maybe that’s why I stop expecting anything. I’m quite good with numbers, esp dates, phone numbers etc. These days, I develop the willingness to forget. Maybe it’s because it helps to block the unwanted memories.

But last year, the little one is aware of this special day and made me a card, with the help from her teachers of course. This year, I shall get her a bouquet of flowers. She’s very girlie. I bet she will love it.

We should be celebrating love.

“Love is wisdom in action. Love is action and no action together. Love is all that is. Love knows nothing but love. Love transcends mind. Love is a feeling you feel when you feel you're feeling a feeling you never felt before. Love is the inner substance of light. Love is an effervescent feeling that seems to escape definition. “

  • If you feel the flutter of butterflies in your stomach, Cupid has probably shot you with his arrow.
  • Make sure it's not lust, but love.
  • Be aware during those moments when you feel love towards anyone or anything.
  • Capture that feeling with metaphors, and string them all together into a poem.
  • Put your description of love to a melody and write a song.
  • Find objects that symbolize your love (rings and roses are classic examples) and give them to whomever you love.
  • Lust could lead to love.


  • When you find true love, be careful. That type of love remains with you forever.
  • True love may come only once in a lifetime.
  • Just because you feel this way doesn't mean the other person does!
  • If someone tells you true love only happens once, they have seen too many Disney films. People are capable of loving many times, so if your "true love" turns out to be abusive or makes you cry more than smile, don't hang on just because you think you will never love this way again.
  • Remember that your friends love you too, and if all of your friends think there is something wrong or unhealthy with your relationship/infatuation, you should really examine that. You may think that they don't see what you see in someone. However, they may see something that you don't too. They love you and want you to be happy, and that's what you need to remember when thinking about the concerns they express about your chosen partner.
  • Remember there are many levels of love, and pure love is unconditional love. Just because someone says they love you doesn't mean they love you purely nor that they don't love you. Their actions will tell.

Extract from:

Happy love day everyone! Cherish it with your loved ones!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Ciao Napoli!

I bought the tickets last Friday after hours of browsing. Going next week for 2 nights, cost around £200. If I come back on Sunday, it’s an extra £90. I think it should be enough ie sightseeing Napoli in 3 days.

So I told his PA of my flight details and she came back with the rest.

Here’s where we will be staying:

The hotel faces the bay! Not to mention the facilities they have to offer. But like my best friend said, we’ll be busy sightseeing than enjoying the facilities.

Oh yeah, there’s an English speaking driver waiting for us at the airport. I’m not sure it’s part of the hotel services (they have limousine service!). I’m sure the little one will be very very excited. She will feel like a princess for the weekend.

Ps: don’t worry. I have forwarded all my travelling details to my secretary, few friends.

Pss: Yes Kak Ruby, I LOL when I read Idham’s advice.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Chantal Kreviazuk - Time

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mr Milan

I’m quite overwhelmed with the persistence of Mr Milan. His PA called me yesterday (the one whom I spoke to during my trip to Germany). She wanted to know whether I have decided on the trip. She needed our details. Told me not to worry about the expenses. But being me, I told her my concern of accepting this offer. I’m not used of having people being this nice to me. She said she has worked with him for 20 years and he’s very generous, especially to the people he cares/likes. He just wants me and the little one to have a good break, get to know Italy.

I told my best friend, Ms Alchemist, that maybe he finds it peculiar meeting this lady, on a business trip in Germany, working and raising her child in a big city with no family connection nearby. Plus, I couldn’t care less that I was having dinner by myself. Perhaps some guys find it weird to find a woman dining alone? But I’m so used to it ie dining or having coffee by myself. My own space.

Perhaps my simplicity strikes him?

I’m sure at his age and position (he has something to do with UEFA), he is surrounded by gorgeous European ladies. Why would he even want to hang out with me and the little one!?!?!

Hmmm, even if I go, I told his PA that I will pay for the tickets. I have another 2 hours to decide… For all I know, it will be a good break for me and the little one.

Enjoy the song!

Time, where did you go?
Why did you leave me here alone?
Wait, don’t go so fast
I’m missing the moments as they pass
Now I’ve looked in the mirror and the worlds getting clearer
So wait for me this time
I’m down I’m down on my knees
I’m begging for all your sympathy
But you (I’m just an illusion)
you don’t seem to care (I wish that I could)
You humble people everywhere (I don’t mean to hurt you)
Now I’ve looked in the mirror and the worlds getting clearer
I’ll take what you give me.
please know that I’m learning
So wait for me this time
I should’ve know better
I shouldn’t have wasted those days
And afternoons and mornings
I threw them all away
Now this is my time
I’m going to make this moment mine.
(I shouldn’t have wasted those days)
I’ll take what you give me.
please know that I’m learning
I’ve looked in the mirror
My world’s getting clearer
So wait for me this time

Ps: It’s snowing today. We made snowballs on our way to school. The little one had a blast!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Holiday in Naples, Italy

Continuation from my new Italian friend post…

We (me and the little one) have been invited to Naples, his hometown. Her school break is in two weeks time and it’s been a while since we last had our holiday. All I have to do is to give him our full names and the tickets will be delivered, all expenses paid for.

My dilemma, hmmm, I wouldn’t want to be seen as taking advantage of him. I actually told him that I would visit him in Milan and pay for the expenses. But he said he wants to bring us to Naples (I think it’s more beautiful. Milan is just another European city, good for shopping). And, well, the trip to Naples is more costly (beyond my budget). Milan would only cost me £350-500 for 2-3 nights stay. Naples, the flight alone is 30-40% more since there is no direct flight from Heathrow.

Good things do come along, sometimes take us by surprise. Question is, how should I handle this? To go or not to go… ;-)

Malaysians abroad

I saw this article today:

"Our students in UK just ‘so shy’ and so lose out", NST, 6 Feb 2007

Summary of the story, it’s about Malaysian students not maximising their experience and potential while studying abroad. Everything about this article is true. Malaysians, in particular, Malays, hardly mix with others. It’s not just overseas, but also in our local institutions.

What I disagree with this article is this statement:
"Universities must have a top-down approach in fostering greater integration to expose them to British society.”

Once again, we are blaming others (or in this context, the UK institutions) for not encouraging our students to mix around. Why can’t we see that the problem lies in our education system? If Malay students are not mixing around in their own country, what makes us think that they will behave differently abroad?

I know our education system is good in most areas. Part of my success is due to the high level of education which I received during primary and secondary schools. But I also realise that it took my own effort to ensure I’d be “crème de la crème”. We can’t depend on the government on everything, especially in grooming our inter-personal skills.

And unfortunately, this problem does not stop at education level. I could see my fellow professional Malaysians stick to their own groups (even Idham made some remarks on this matter in his blog).

Thank God that my daughter’s circle of friends is a mix of everything! British, Brazilian, Spanish, Asian. I just have to prepare myself mentally that she might end up with one of them, which means I’ll have cute grand-children.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Dinner in Milan?

I’ve been invited to dinner…in Milan!

During my recent trip to Germany, I made a new friend. I was having dinner by myself when he came and sat at the table opposite of mine. The head waiter served him, spoke in French and Italian. A few minutes later, he came to me and said, “the gentleman would like to offer you a glass of wine.” But I don’t drink, so I ordered coffee instead. Knowing that we both didn’t have any company, I decided to join him.

The toughest part was, he spoke little English and my French was dusty. But we managed to survive, with the help from the waiter and his PA all the way from Milan.

The whole hotel staffs knew him, so did some of the guests. I assumed he must be someone well known.

Anyway, when I got the dinner invitation, I had to check the sms a few times. Dinner in Milan???? Hmmm, thought he was kidding but then again, I think he meant what he said.

You know…these things only happen in the movies. Like in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts took the private jet to have dinner in God knows where. And it’s actually happening to me.

Guess super rich guys with a good heart exist after all.