Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spanish surprise

A few things happened over the past one week that I am unsure where to start. Some are best to leave, especially with regards to the corporate world, if there is such thing. I am beginning to feel that my decision was wise. The deadline seems to have shift but I told the team that I am sticking to my end term. I may consider doing consultancy work for them, charged on daily basis. The partner thinks I should charge between $800-1000 as these are the rates that the company are paying for their consultants.

Yet I dont think it will be worth it judging the way things are done.

Anyway, we have many depressing stories going around that we’ll try to make this post colourful, ok? *smiles*

When the Partner said that he was going to Spain, there was no way I would let him come home empty-handed. I felt it was time to let him use his imagination in getting something for us. In contrast, the young lady gave specific instruction of the colour and the style of the outfit that she wanted. Oh, the partner has been disappointed many times whenever he tries to get her clothes. I told him that I stopped doing so a few years ago as I remember returning the ‘uncool’ stuff to the store. I always tell him that it’s best to get books or small accessories for her as these as safe items and face little rejection. *lol*

Apparently the Spanish trip was fairly relaxed that he had plenty of time to browse. It took me by surprise that he took the effort to step into the shop that I like. He usually leaves us whenever we start looking at shoes or bags and returns to the store when we have made our mind on the items we want.

So I thought my suggestion of that particular place would result to safe goods, something that I’ll use. You can imagine my face when it was rather different, compare to my usual style. I wasn’t sure about it at first but girlfriends were replying to my MMS at the speed of light (sometimes I wonder if they have too much free time or women simply cant resist fashion) and said it looked nice.

After a while, I grew fond of the candy and started using it. Here’s a picture of it though it looks much brighter physically:

Perfect for our night out!

As for the young lady, let’s just say it’s best to take her out and let her choose her things.

*Ms B still feels uneasy with the unrest in her neighbouring countries no matter how much people reassure that it wont happen in her city of residence. She can only pray for things to get better.*

Friday, March 04, 2011

Life as it is

These days I find myself feeling homesick; KL to be with my family members and dear friends at our usual hangout for a piece of roti canai or a plate of nasi lemak with a glass of teh tarik, and London to have a walk or picnic in the parks or check out new styles with the young lady and the Buddy. Perhaps my state of melancholy is attributable to the frequent travelling by the partner. Last month alone he was out three times, with one covering few different cities in Europe. As much as the young lady loves sleeping next to me when he’s away, she also misses him terribly.

After weighing all factors, I decided to leave my job, giving some flexibility to my Kapitans in order to see our restructuring goes through. I will stick around until the big piece is delivered, which means less stress for whoever will be replacing me.

Yet I feel much calmer since I delivered the news to my bosses. It gives me new perspective about this place and helps me to rationalise things. The other day while I was doing filing of our documents, it occurred to me that the partner has a good and stable career with one of the top places in this region. Given a typical management chart or structure, he’s within the top five people. The reason he has to travel so much is because he has to attend the regulated meetings of their major subsidiaries.

No doubt his company makes less headlines than their ‘siblings’, they just like to be low profile even when their investment is much higher than the flamboyant players. It’s kinda like him. He’s always in his tees and jeans whenever he’s with us and people might raise an eyebrow if he mentions what he does. *smiles*

Ok ok.. I am missing the other half, hence talking about him is unavoidable.

On top of that, the young lady has started to enjoy school more due to the recent addition of a fellow Malaysian girl. She’s in a different class but they always wait for each other for recess of lunch break. They have some things in common such as living in UK, taste of music and tv series, disliking the same person at school (lol!) etc. They often swap their lunch pack as the young lady brings typical ‘western’ stuff while her friend gets nasi goreng and pulut!

Education wise, she’s loving Islamic studies, music and language lessons. UK education is definitely better but her current school covers wider topics which she might not get over there. I am sure when the right time comes e.g. O Level, we’ll shift back but for now, she’ll be ok here.

So in a way, life isn’t that bad after all. I will try to make this place work for me. I will take my time in finding something I love which gives me the flexibility as a mom and partner.

Hmm, come to think of it, I might as well postpone any job hunting so that I get to spend two months of summer in our countries, his and mine. I am sure my family would love to have us back. More nasi lemak kerang for me then. *grins