Monday, December 27, 2010

Past and present

The year-end is approaching and as I reflected mine, it was within my expectation i.e. full of roller-coaster, consistent to the life of a mocha lover. *grins* There were things that could have gone better but I supposed it was part of the ‘bigger picture’.

I got to do stuff which were on my wish list. It included lots of chick-flick series and books, coffee time as well as mamak joints, volunteering, polishing cooking skill and exploring the world of baking, etc. Most importantly, I managed to relax and unwind in the company of my loved ones. I hope it made up for the loss time when I couldn’t be there for them. Juggling myself as a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend and now, a partner, proves to be challenging but not impossible. I had an awesome time and hope that they too enjoyed my presence.

Here’s from us wishing you a truly blessed year. May it will bring beautiful things that life has to offer. And to spice up this post, let’s do it GG’s way:

“The new year isn't about what happened, it's about what's to come. But the past is always with us, just waiting to mess with the present. And when it does, I'll be watching. XOXO. Gossip Girl.”

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


It is to no surprise that I absolutely loathe my job.

However.... the Project Director is sooooooo damn good looking and charming. It is not helping when he keeps calling me, or to be precise, his PA, to join his meetings as he needs my approval on money matters.

How do you say no to that? Isk isk isk...

Saturday, December 18, 2010


A handful of you would know by now the issues I am facing at work and last week I reached to a point that I couldn’t tolerate it anymore. As a result, the lioness in me was unleashed.

I despise people who have no respect for others and couldn’t comprehend why this is happening at my workplace as it is supposed to be an “established” company. People are rude to one another and non-executive or lowly paid staffs are treated as if they have no place in the hierarchy.

So at one the many meetings I had with a Project Director, who was nice and good looking by the way (a few things that make my office appealing), he invited the ‘moron’ who deals with people from my department on regular basis. I witnessed his stupidity the day before when he shouted at my staff over the phone. As I ended the meeting, I said to him to stop harassing my team as they are merely following my instructions. The Project Director tried to hide his grin while the ‘moron’ had a puzzled look on his face.

After 4 weeks being there, the ‘kerek’ guy asked how I felt about the company. I couldn’t compare as I worked with big brands before, so of course it was different. He finally asked where I was before. I think his facial expression changed the moment I mentioned the name and city. Dude, I was in London doing things you could only dream of. Stop being such a smart ***.

My weekly presentation to the Kapitan this time had no else but us. I feel (and hope) he is gaining his trust in me and was happy with my explanation. We had this issue which had been around for 2 weeks and as much I tried to avoid bringing it up, I had no choice but to do so. So he called the ‘bossy and uncooperative” lady into the room and asked if the matter had been resolved. She too couldn’t answer as she was not aware of it (can you believe that I spotted the errors in her team and she was clueless??).

I suppose this week had opened people’s eyes that this lioness can roar, big time. I may not have the support from the department (or anyone below director level) but I know my role is to deliver results and I will try to improve areas which are very weak in this company.

I have also made up my mind that this is not my cup of tea. So we will see what will happen in a few weeks time.

Until then, I hope they will pay my Nov and Dec salary this month and I shall reward myself a new handbag. *winks

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Expectation vs reality

Office hours
Office hours is from 830am to 430pm. I thought it’d be good enough to stay until 6pm.
I am there from 8am to 8pm almost every day. Sometimes I continue my work at home for another hour or so, and a few more on weekends.

2-3 times a week, of which one with the Big Boss.
I spend 2-3 hours average a day on meetings and see the Kapitan every day! Hence explains why I am there early and leave late to catch up on my things. Oh, in almost every meeting, I’d be the only lady. Sigh...

Busy period
One week of late nights, while the rest are fairly reasonable or easy.
Been here for 3 weeks and it only gets worse each time. Perhaps there is no such thing as low peak season in this company, unlike in Europe where most practically close their office during summer.

Half an hour at a minimum.
Say what? Apparently there is no such thing as lunch break. If you do eat out, make sure u add the hours i.e. leave at 5 or 530pm.

I dont know how long I can survive at this place. If I knew it’d be this bad, I might as well join the banks or specialised firms where I’d be enjoying the role. At least I’d be spending my time on something I love doing

Ps: The young lady is definitely not happy. :(