Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wounded souls....

I whisper to the moon
Please return to me
My companion
My lover
My heaven

Without him, night is my companion
Loneliness holds me in its embrace

Dear moon
Please do not let the sun come
Let the world be in darkness
Let it be lonely like me

- Sepi -


Inah said...

really loved the movie :)

Cosmic_GurL said...

Such a sad poem...U feeling okay Ms B?

AporN said...

Don't be alone..
No man is an island

U.Lee said...

Hi Ms B, love women who enjoys poetry.
Drop by if free, best regards, Lee.

fizzy said...

haven't got the chance to watch sepi.
the last movie i saw was 'ayat-ayat cinta'.
i was told it's not as good as the novel.
now i'm looking forward to read the novel pulak.

how's life over there anyway?
i felt so relieved today.
sent all of my assignments.

Ms B said...


*smiles* I can relate myself with a few of the characters.

But I dont think I can be like Sufi. All I could see in his story was the pain he caused to his son. His way of overcoming his grief made the boy felt he no longer existed.

Ms B said...

Hi CG,

I'm ok I think. Felt like sharing the poem, that's all. Changed some words here and there.

Besides, I am way too busy to even have time to think! *LOL*

Ms B said...

Hi aporn,

Sometimes, our circumstances lead us to be an island, whether we want it or not.

At least I have my girl, right?

Hope u have a nice holiday back home.

Ms B said...

Hi Lee,

Oh dear, thank you for the "coat" and "dress". Love them!! I wonder that Mr Bond will make his move shoould I appear in those outfit. *smiles*

In my world, Mr Bond rans away without trying to get to know me better. hmmmm.....

Ms B said...

fizzy dear,

Good to know you've submitted your assignments. Must be a relief.

I watched both movies. BOth have different messages. In Sepi, it potrays the idea of letting go and how it affects our life and the people around us. The character that touched me was SUfi's son.

All I could see was how hard he tried to make his dad happy, yet SUfi was consumed with his own guilt that he failed to appreciate his son.

U keep well dear.