Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who wants a sugar daddy?

Now let me think why I should consider having a sugar daddy. Let’s pull together some list, shall we.

The Pros:
- Fixed income every month. If not comfortable, it would be a luxury lifestyle.
- You have most time to yourself as he is away on business trips or with the wife (or other women). All day shopping or coffee with friends.

The Cons:
- You wont be able to meet up other men. Maybe you could if you are careful but having a relationship is out of the question. You must exert high cautious if the sugar daddy is well connected and he could probably send his bouncers to mark his territory.
- You are his asset and at his mercy.
- He could probably be bald, have a fat belly, bad breath and lousy in bed.

Dont we all love listening to rumours? But seriously, why on earth would I want a sugar daddy when I earn enough to lead a comfortable life? Not to mention I have a high chance of doubling what I earn in a few years time if I work my way up the corporate ladder. For crying out loud, why would I want a sugar daddy when I can afford to have a toy boy?!?!?!? Hmm, but then again, who wants a toy boy when you are surrounded with yummilicious men. They come in nice packaging, with charisma and FREE OF CHARGE.

Please dont insult your intelligence, especially when you claim that your school is one of the elites. You have just proven that Malays, educated or not, have the same mentality and perceptions towards single mothers.

Like my close friends say, probably it is because that although I am in my 30s and a mother, I have a body and a face of a woman a decade younger. (ok, I could be exaggerating but who cares). Second, I have a job that I love and pays damn well.

Careful now. These days, God pays everything in cash. Perhaps the rumours will push me closer to reach this.

I know I should feel offended by this but I have things to be happy about. A dear blogger just said that B is for beautiful and that I am young and full of life. Yikes! Now I have to make sure that I live up to your expectation dear. *winks* Not to mention that I am still smitten by the date last night. *dreamy eyes*. Please excuse me while I enter my dreamland.


D said...

shhhh.... don't quote me! LOL! nah, only the uninitiated require a sugar daddy. turn a deaf ear over those unworthy sour grapes.


Anonymous said...

first, people just lurveee to make assumptions which is best to be ignored...

and 2nd, i envy your yummylicious salary! hahaha...

Cosmic_GurL said...

Tak yah sugar daddy Ms B. Im sure ure capable enough to take care of yourself and your darling daughter. From your postings I can tell that ure one strong woman :)

Ms B said...

I know. It is exactly what kak Puteri kamaliah wrote a few days ago. what's with this attitude towards single mothers?

Gosh! use your common sense. If we graduated from one of the top unis in the world, surely we can land a good job and climb our way up.

It's all about hard work and determination. Probably those words arnt in their dictionary, hence assume the easy way to a good life.

Ms B said...

momster dear,

ha ah. ppl really love making assumption. and the best thing is, after a decade of being unknown within the breed, suddenly i become a hot topic. I suppose their life isnt as interesting as mine.

ala dear, anyone can earn that much as long as u work hard and know why u do it for. I am blessed becos I have a daughter who always prays that her mummy will get the house with a garden, the private jet, the 7 figure earnings etc. A child's prayers are often heard.

and as always, "IGNORANCE IS A BLISS". *rotfl*

u keep well dear.

Ms B said...

Hi CG,

I am sure if the sugar daddy looks like George Clooney, we would gladly accept! But why would we settle with a George when we know it is a big pool out there, a Pitt, a Bloom, a Boreanaz etc for the taking. (ok, this is me talking crap but at this point, I am entitled to vent).

But you are spot on. I am ambitious and surrounded with positive minded people who believe I can achieve a lot. I am where I am because of my hard work and determination. Also, the lil one keeps bugging me to get that private jet. Mummy dearest must work harder. *lol*

Anonymous said...

after reading ur blogs... u inspire me...

Hazia said...

Couldn't help thinking... if a woman goes down that road,wouldn't a toy boy cons on her be the same as yours on having a sugar daddy, LOL!

Ms B said...

Hi anonymous,

First of all, thank you for visiting my humble blog. Would appreciate if u could leave a name (just make up anything. *winks*)

I am touched by ur words. Thanks again. I am just another regular jane who sometimes thinks that world is full of crappy people. Like a friend of mine always says, "we have enough of negative minded people. No need to add more."

Have a good day!

Ms B said...

Hi hazia,

Now THAT got me thinking. *rotfl* So I guess the anak2 ikan (as NJ refers) would think many times of the offer.

U hv a good day now. Finally there is sunshine in London after a few days of grey skies.

Anonymous said... there such a thing called sugar mummy

Ms B said...

Hi anon,

Why? do u want one or u want to be one? *winks* (since I dont know whether u r man or woman).

hv a nice day!