Thursday, July 12, 2012

Holiday mode

The young lady has another week to go before starting her summer break. We had the school’s fair last Friday and I was overwhelmed by the amount of energy required to manage such events. I think I need a day at the spa to unwind myself and loosen those knotted muscles.
After trying to pack our stuffs in one medium luggage and a cabin size bag, it did not appear that I would be able to squeeze everything. My other option was to use our large suitcase but it is just too hard to handle. I like to travel conveniently i.e. manageable bags and take the train to the airport.
Somehow my prayers were heard and two days ago while I was on a hunt for a jersey (last minute order by a dear friend), I saw her favourite shop had further reduction. There it was a medium trolley light weight suitcase which was easy for her to handle. I did not purchase the item immediately but continued my quest of getting that jersey.

After 45 minutes of going into few shops, searching for the jersey and at the same time checking out other luggage, I found myself going back to the same place. Even the security guard said, ‘weren’t you here earlier?”

And voila, the young lady is the proud owner of this monkey bag:

Image from company's online website

She obviously loves it and knowing that she has those school trips next year, I think it is a good investment. Besides, as I did not get any bag this summer sale, I think I had valid reason to buy this one. Knowing The Partner, he'll approve any expenses related to her. *grins* (alasan cukup baik, kan????)