Sunday, May 29, 2011

Of being a survivor

Lately I have been reminded by those close to my heart that I am a survivor. I do not see it that way as I feel most people I know have had their fair share of challenges, hence looking at them, I believe we are able to pick ourselves up and move forward. Understanding their journey to overcome their hurdles helps me to think positive about life.

So when people say that my roller-coasters would have broken a person’s soul, I’d reply that they were nothing compare to what others have experienced which were far more challenging. To lose your loved ones, to have critical illness, to be physically impaired, a few bumps of life worth mentioning and to survive them deserve a standing ovation.

I refuse to bow down when things go bad. I do not give up easily without a fight. I always believe that there is a solution for every problem.

If I am criticised for being optimistic, so be it. I will not allow the presence of lemons spoil my mood to enjoy life. At times when it gets too much, I will pick the phone or text my sorrows to those close to my heart but that’s about it. I will pull myself together and move forward.

After all, I have her to think about. It’d be selfish for me to put my life on hold simply because I don’t feel like it. Life is too precious to be wasted on fears, tears or disappointments. I can either let a bump lead me to an emotionally-drained state of mind or embrace with an open heart and accept it as part of parcel in life.

I choose the latter.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Learning to fly

K, the young lady's bus-mate, has been coming to our place every Thursday. She's Scottish but been living abroad since small. At one point, the family stayed in Singapore, thus bihun or nasi goreng need no introduction. Last week, they decided to play outside and thankfully, the design of these houses creates lots of shades for them to be jumping in the shared garden. Weather has been pretty hot and each time we pick the young lady from her rounder's club, she's one tone darker.

While going through her homework (which of course led to many unrelated topics as always), we realised that the young lady has much to experience when it comes to nature. Perhaps our next holiday should be at a family-friendly wildlife resort. Prof Chic keeps taking her kids to these places and they love it, despite the complaints (city kids, go figure). I'm glad that during those years when we were in London, almost each summer holiday the young lady went to a local play-centre. She had the experience of visiting wetland parks and animal farms, riding ponies, etc.

I think she's missing her hometown and the older she gets, the stronger she feels about going back. Malaysia is a place where she gets to see her family members and have a little bit of fun but London is where she wants to grow up. She has the opportunity to be whatever she wants with less judgement; a malay, muslim, londoner. She feels at ease to be herself and has the support to do so. She remembers the challenges but at the same time, she sees the beauty of it.

She's learning to fly on her own....

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mirror mirror on the wall

It’s a high price to pay for beauty. I have nothing against those who go extreme measure to be the fairest of them all but to apply the same concept on your kids sounds hard to digest, even by those who provide these services.

I’ve heard girls as young as 10 years of age who go for waxing. Perhaps they do have serious hair issue but I doubt they should resort to such method. They have more interesting things to worry about such as the latest Barbie’s style, their fav artist’s CD or concert, new Disney movies etc. Besides, I think boys love their toys and gadgets more than babes at that age.

Now, imagine my surprise when I read the news about a mom giving her 8 year old daughter wax and botox. She actually administers the injection and the video showed the young girl appeared ok with the whole thing. In her defence, the beauty pageant for kids is a tough world and one has to be on the top to win the crown.

I personally feel that the mom was deprived from the prom queen title or the hunks when she was younger that she wants her daughter to materialise her own dream.

Such a twisted world.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Winter is coming...

Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.

After searching for almost a week, one shop after another, I finally found this book at Borders. Priced at RM50, I feel it was a good investment as I am already half way through and find it hard to put it down. It’s the second time that I hunted a book based on what I watched. The first was Percy Jackson and the young lady and I ended up reading the whole series.

The epic is not for those with a faint heart as the scenes can easily make you lose your appetite. In the first episode itself, there were many dismembered bodies and fights where warriors had their stomach sliced open.
Gory indeed.

Still, it got my attention as the story line seemed to trigger more questions and I began my googling. It was then decided that I should start my own journey of A Song of Ice and Fire.

So far, my fav characters are Jon Snow and Daenerys.