Sunday, May 29, 2011

Of being a survivor

Lately I have been reminded by those close to my heart that I am a survivor. I do not see it that way as I feel most people I know have had their fair share of challenges, hence looking at them, I believe we are able to pick ourselves up and move forward. Understanding their journey to overcome their hurdles helps me to think positive about life.

So when people say that my roller-coasters would have broken a person’s soul, I’d reply that they were nothing compare to what others have experienced which were far more challenging. To lose your loved ones, to have critical illness, to be physically impaired, a few bumps of life worth mentioning and to survive them deserve a standing ovation.

I refuse to bow down when things go bad. I do not give up easily without a fight. I always believe that there is a solution for every problem.

If I am criticised for being optimistic, so be it. I will not allow the presence of lemons spoil my mood to enjoy life. At times when it gets too much, I will pick the phone or text my sorrows to those close to my heart but that’s about it. I will pull myself together and move forward.

After all, I have her to think about. It’d be selfish for me to put my life on hold simply because I don’t feel like it. Life is too precious to be wasted on fears, tears or disappointments. I can either let a bump lead me to an emotionally-drained state of mind or embrace with an open heart and accept it as part of parcel in life.

I choose the latter.


The Momster said...

I know you would! All the best Ms B!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed by how much you’ve been through and how beautifully you’ve come out of it all. Your posts never fail to inspire me. Miss u and the young lady!