Friday, January 11, 2013

Picture perfect

She sits by the window, sipping her cup of coffee slowly while reading the newspaper. From time to time she glances outside, watching people pass by or thinking when Mr Sun decides to come out. She wears a white shirt tucked nicely in her fitted blue denim, while her long knitted light brown cardigan adds an elegant style. Her make-up is lightly done, emphasising her preferences for a natural look. With her designer bag and shoes, she appears like those featured on glossy magazines. A typical Chelsea housewife as one says, living the dream.

Her eyes, the window to one’s soul, however tell a different story.

To many, she seems to have a perfect life. A partner with high-flying career, kids attending prestigious school where play-dates are proper tea parties held somewhere fancy, splitting her time between countries during term breaks; it is to no wonder why people would love to swap place with her.

If only they know the price to pay for having such lifestyle.

She is deep in her thoughts, pondering whether it is all worth it. She wonders how she ended up here, far apart from the world she was used to. Sacrifices had to be made along the way, those that meant strongly to her and what made her as a person. She still cherishes and misses those things without a doubt. It was simpler yet fulfilling.

In a picture perfect world, loneliness seems to be a constant company.