Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Holiday season part 1

I watched Happy Feet with my girl. It was hilarious! Good for emotional therapy, apart from shopping. Hehhehe.. Being on leave is bad for me as my money flows like a running tap. But so far, the things I bought are essentials. Heater for the house, sweaters and casual handbag for me, jeans and long sleeve top for my girl. Most of these items were on sale, 50% off, except for the heater. I shall prepare myself for the Boxing Day’s damage. It’ll be three times more than what I’ve spent so far.

Most likely I have to travel to Europe in January. Before I went on leave, the Director asked whether my visa allows me to go to Europe. I think that’s a hint.

A few things happened past days. Some were good, some could have been better. I try not to be bothered by the not-so-good events. I find it hard when someone gives ‘no time’ as an excuse for not doing something which only takes 5-10 minutes of their time. Sometimes I wonder if we swap roles for just one day, maybe it’ll be an eye opener for defining ‘no time’ excuse. Different people have different priority I guess.

The other day, my girl watched an advertisement for donation to some charity meant for abused or neglected kids. The advert had a girl, trying to open a can of food on her own in her house. My girl saw this clip a few times already. But that night, our conversation went like this:
My girl: “why there is no mummy and daddy in her house?’
Me: “Sometimes mummies and daddies don’t want to take care of their children.”
My girl: “like my daddy?”

There was a pause…

I asked, “are you sad honey?”
Her answer, “no mummy because I have you. You take care of me.”

How one advert affects her thoughts… how she relates her situation with the girl in that clip. A simple question but touched my heart.

A friend lost her father recently. It was difficult for her to find a seat to go back due to festive season and the bad fog in London. Most flights couldn’t take off. She got back the day after her father’s death. I hope she will find strength during this difficult time.

Friday, December 15, 2006


I saw this video clip. Though I doubt I will have a chance to watch this movie, I think it’s a good one. It’s about reality of life, five stories to share. I like Kak Ruby's comments about the film:

How many of us have remained in a relationship simply because you thought it’s the right thing to do? or leaving the love of your life to make others happy? Or not taking second chances in life because you are scared to do so?

Life is about taking chances. No one will change your fate unless you do something about it.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been had I stayed back home. Will I still be disillusioned, thinking that everything will turn out fine? Will I still think that I’m unworthy, unable to be the perfect person everyone wants me to be? Will I ever find happiness and peace….?

I have the best thing in life now. My daughter, the love of my life. She never judges me. She always appreciates the things I do, be it cooking simple food, sending her to school, making simple lunch pack. She never complained when we stayed in a tiny flat or when I couldn’t afford to buy her favourite toys. Maybe that’s why our life has got better. Her patience paid off.

Today another good friend has gone back for good. I wish him all the best with his new undertakings. Thank you for your time. Look forward for this new journey in life.

Anuar Zain-Perpisahan

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Closing doors..

I’ve been away. Out at client’s place, on leave and on course. I only have four more working days before I start my Christmas break. It’ll be two weeks leave. Looking forward to it.

My course for the past two days was about report writing. There was a session on grammar and surprisingly, I knew all the answers! The facilitators said, usually the non-English speakers are aces when it comes to this session. I just love it! J Funny funny.

My favourite Ghost Whisperer series is now over. There goes my Tuesday night entertainment. Oh well, I still have CSI to watch. I’m tempted to buy the box series on Sex & The City. It’s on sale for just £50 for the complete series. That’s a bargain! I’m trying really hard not to buy anything until sale starts which is just 13 days to go.

Mama S has asked when I’m free to hang out (without our kids). She said we should ask Kakak Rock to come along and just have mommies’ night out, leave the kids with the nanny. The last time I watch a movie was a few months ago, Cars. Anyway, it’ll be good to have a day with the moms. Kakak Rock wants to bring me to the salon she usually goes to. Apparently it’s much cheaper as the beauticians are still on training, thus charges are below market price. J

Also, I got feedback from my previous assignment. Overall, the Director gave ‘outstanding and excellent’. I’m very pleased! There were specific and lengthy comments but I was really surprised with the feedback. My friends keep saying that I always under-rate myself. I should have more faith in my capabilities.

It also applies to love. I need to have more faith in TD, his sincerity. I guess what I went through made me sceptical. I shouldn’t judge him, I shouldn’t keep my doors closed.

Friday, December 01, 2006

31 days...

31 days to 2007. Have you achieved your resolutions for this year?

Well, if you haven’t, you’ve got 31 days to do so (30 days since it’s already 5pm UK time).

I achieved all except one. I have yet to watch a theatre. Yup, I’ve been here for more than 2 years and I have yet to watch any! Tickets are cheap and you can always get discounted ones online. Even my girl watched one already. Mummy is yet to appreciate this.

Anyway, we’re going to have Indian meal tonight. Tomorrow, I need to take another picture of her for our visa. I just realised her picture had shadows and apparently, it’s not allowed under immigration guidelines.

What’s my next year wish-list? Here it goes:

1. Visit:
a. Disneyland Paris – mummy is more excited to go than the princess.
b. Granada, Spain – see Alhambra Palace
c. Istanbul and Bodrum – I cant get enough of Istanbul. Bodrum is just to bring the little one to see TD’s boat.

2. Work hard and get promoted. More shopping and holiday trips for both of us. :D

3. Polish my French. It’s VERY rusty. How can I help with my kid’s homework?

4. Learn either Spanish or Turkish, depending where I’d like to go for my international posting. But if Turkey, I have my new friend, Simah, to give survival tips.

5. Be happy!

Take care people! Have a good weekend and spend time with your loved ones!