Friday, December 15, 2006


I saw this video clip. Though I doubt I will have a chance to watch this movie, I think it’s a good one. It’s about reality of life, five stories to share. I like Kak Ruby's comments about the film:

How many of us have remained in a relationship simply because you thought it’s the right thing to do? or leaving the love of your life to make others happy? Or not taking second chances in life because you are scared to do so?

Life is about taking chances. No one will change your fate unless you do something about it.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been had I stayed back home. Will I still be disillusioned, thinking that everything will turn out fine? Will I still think that I’m unworthy, unable to be the perfect person everyone wants me to be? Will I ever find happiness and peace….?

I have the best thing in life now. My daughter, the love of my life. She never judges me. She always appreciates the things I do, be it cooking simple food, sending her to school, making simple lunch pack. She never complained when we stayed in a tiny flat or when I couldn’t afford to buy her favourite toys. Maybe that’s why our life has got better. Her patience paid off.

Today another good friend has gone back for good. I wish him all the best with his new undertakings. Thank you for your time. Look forward for this new journey in life.

Anuar Zain-Perpisahan


simah said...

everyone's talking about that must be good then...:0)

i love the ghost whisperer too.. kat sini i suppose they r showing the old series.. never miss it..not if i can help it..but the problem is.. dia tunjuk masa prime time..memang i tak boleh tengok masa tu.. so kena tunggu diaorang reshow the same one at 1am on sunday!! adoii... every monday i will be like.. lembik jaaaaaa :0)

u have a daughter who adores u..u r lucky :0)

Ms Istanbul said...

Yea yea.. I luv G whisperer tapi dah habis. Ending hanging. Benci betul. U tgk Tru Calling tak? Tu pun not bad jugak. Also, One Tree Hill.

Sigh... I think as I grow older, I watch more teenager series. Maybe I miss the good old days. muahahhaha...

simah said...

tru calling tak ada kat sini tree hill i rasa baru nak masuk kot..tak sure....

ala kat sini kalau mcm i pakai cable tv..ada satu channel ja yg tunjuk cerita english..tu pun mlm mlm dan cerita lama... kalau nak variety of channel kena pakai digiturk..hubby i tak nak huwaaaaaaaa

ala ..the good old days were the times when things were so simple n joyful.. not as complicated as now...

rubyahmad said...

Hi Ms Istanbul,

Gosh! What an honour you mentioned me here. Lovely and Thank you dear.

'Life is about taking chances. No one will change your fate unless you do something about it'.

That is so beautiful. So touching as it has been something that I have learnt to be true from many of my personal experiences. We must take charge of our lives. We want change, we must make the effort and no one else!! Period!

You ahve uprooted, believe it to be the best decision you have made and it shall be.

To have people close who knows our faults, and yet they do not judge us, is quite a gift from life. Enjoy and appreciate your sweet daughter, dear.

I will link you.

Ms Istanbul said...

Hi Kak Ruby,

Thank you for visiting my humble blog (tho I wasnt sure how you managed to trace me as I remember that I didnt put any link upon posting my comments in your blog).

Thanks for your kind words. I'm appreciating each day, with the one I love, my sweet girl.