Sunday, February 28, 2010

Show me that thong

If only our high school teachers and professors look like him, ok maybe have his moves, I bet we'd be wide awake throughout the lessons (esp on those too-much-to-digest subjects). *winks*

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Of call girls

Actually, only one to be precise and her name is Belle.

I was glued to the series last night featuring Billie Piper. Her witty remarks appeal me, as well as her impromptu talking to herself with flashy images, which may or may not be exotic. She somehow reminds me of Ally McBeal. She is smart with good fashion sense but has the wildest imagination. I am sure we can still remember the dancing baby.

Belle and Ally are just alike, apart from their job. Come to think of it, even their jobs have similarities. Both provide customer service but different products. Belle is smart enough to do financial planning on her own. She puts aside some to her “savings” account every time she completes a job. It goes to a safe deposit in a bank, a clever way to avoid Mr Taxman.

Fiction aside, I was told before that Sugar-Daddy syndrome is a norm back home. Girls want a quick way to have comfortable or luxury lifestyle. It seems this has also spread to this side of the world among our students.

I believe the majority of our students abroad are clever and some may refer them as “crème de la crème”. Even if they dont fall under the category, their parents have the means to support whatever lifestyle they wish. Only a handful of them are smart but have to find a way to finance their education needs. Usually these students manage to obtain a scholarship/bursary directly from their university due to their excellent academic results.

Imagine my surprise when I heard the Candy Girl trend is happening here. A colleague of a friend was approached by a “candy” and this guy knew what was on offer. Of course it didn’t matter to him as he has the means to do so and was only into it for fun. Yet, when he shared the info, it felt as if he made our girls sounded easy and well, desperate, contrary to the career-driven Malaysian ladies he knows aka this friend of mine.

It doesn’t help our image much when these girls start saying that an “accident” has occurred and they need the money to repair the damage. However, when the men offer to accompany them to the “workshop”, they refuse, further increasing our suspicion that it’s a scam.

It’s a pity to see that despite their intelligence, wisdom does not exist in their vocabulary. The lure of material things is so strong that one will go far just to reach them, even if it means putting their dignity and self-respect aside.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sexy Domesticated Mom

Ever since I took this new profession, I struggle to find time tending to this place, thus my lack of scribble. My life has been pretty much occupied and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this new lifestyle suits me in many ways. From spending time at the museums to maximising the oven at home as well as squeezing a room for Percy Jackson, I feel more Zen. It feels like moving from hectic Seattle Grace to sunny LA (obviously I’m taking Addison’s line).

I no longer worry which shirt goes with which suit or whether I have the right pair of shoes at work when I change from my trainers. I still wear shirts but casual ones, especially MD’s tunics, matched with everyday bootleg jeans.

I even programme my brain to remember which day has what and on average, at least two series worth watching per night. It feels different to be able to follow the shows, unlike before where my mind usually shutdowns halfway due to mental exhaustion. In case you are wondering, among my list are TVD, NCIS, The Good Wife, Medium and soon-to-be Mentalist which will commence this Friday.

Life is indeed light and breezy.

Yet that doesn’t mean I should close my eyes when an opportunity arises, right? An interesting proposition came up today which led me to ponder. My circumstance suggests I should continue with this new profession. I mean, what is not to like?

I wonder how long I can last being Sexy Domesticated Mom. It’s a tough decision. *wink*

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The curious case of Mr Good Enough

Every woman I know – no matter how successful and ambitious, how financially and emotionally secure – feels panic, occasionally coupled with desperation, if she hits 30 and finds herself unmarried.

Single women often declare they’d “rather be alone” than settle for someone who doesn’t fill out their (usually unrealistic) checklist. With that mentality, alone is how you’re probably going to end up.

Feminism gave women this sense of entitlement that we deserve someone who’s perfect. And then we meet the so-called perfect guy and he’s out of our league and has no interest in us and we tell our girlfriends, ‘He must be secretly gay’ when in fact he’s just really not that into us.

This woman has caused almost every single female who come across her book or articles on it to be on their toes. Any hardcore feminist will certainly feel outrageous just by reading the snippets of it in newspapers or magazines. I wouldnt be surprised if some spill their coffee or drop their cup in the process.

There is a different thinking cap between a single woman and a single mother. By default, single mothers in this context is referred to those who were married or in partnership before, unlike the author of the book who chose "tadpole" bank to fulfil her wish of becoming a parent.

Some single parents think many times to settle again, especially when they manage to balance between kids, career and other aspects of life apart from relationship. Some are content to have the company of family and friends. To be honest, we'd be lucky if we have room to think about romance. After a long day of running home affairs, kids' school and work, all we only think is to get in bed and sleep.

Somehow the idea of having prince charming or princess of hearts simply slips away. Once in a while, when miraculously we have the privilege of having some time to ourselves that we start to cringe for the presence of someone, preferably as hot as those in Grey's, Gossip Girl, Tree Hill (Obviously this isnt happening).

Now, as for single people, more often than not, the subject of dating will arise in conversation. It is somehow can’t be avoided. The idea of finding ‘The One’ or settling down will pop up, either be lightly touched or heavily debated. I just met a buddy of mine last weekend and he happily shared the news of finally in the dating scene. Yup, even guys in their thirties do talk about it.

I think the author hit the right points but her message could have been explained better. I disagree of settling down just for the sake of it. However, we know that there is no such thing as the perfect one. Those only appear on tv or movies. Hey, even McDreamy was still legally married when Grey met him yet eventually things turned out ok in 4th series.

It is good to have a list. It means we have certain standards to be met. Yet when it includes someone tall-dark-and-handsome/supermodel features, graduated from Ivy League, 6 pack abs, excellent cook or domesticated, fat pay cheque, and it goes on and on, the chances of meeting someone who fits all those requirements is close to nil.

It is about setting realistic expectations. You meet someone and feel good about them. Yet they have some flaws (in your eyes) and that makes you hesitate to commit. As long as the imperfections are not related to crime, being alcoholic, drug addict, being swingers etc, then by all means do give it a shot.

Anyway, for those who missed the hype, you can read the following articles for your reading pleasure:

Wise girls settle for Mr Good Enough
Miss Make-do seeks Mr Good Enough

At the end of the day, if you are not happy with your own company, even The Perfect Catch will still unable to meet your expectations.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Do you love your shoes

more than your feet?

The girlfriend has always been trying to get me wear those more-than-three-inches shoes but she has never won the battle. Yet her constant persuasion has led to an improvement in my soles collection.

I know some ladies prefer high heels to give an extra feature but the girlfriend and I dont really need it, which is why I seriously cannot imagine her in killer shoes i.e. 5-inch metal stilettos.

When I came across this
article yesterday, I could not help but to share with the ladies out there. Even WAGs are realising the importance of healthy feet and giving them the much needed flat and airy space.

Yet I believe most still insist on beautiful and sexy soles no matter how much (pain) it costs. *grins*

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Gentlemen's Club

When some of my friends spend their nights at popular spots decorated with neon lights and groovy music in the background, shaking their booty or checking out member of the opposite sex, I got an invitation to a Gentlemen’s Club.

Now before you start to imagine pole dance, skimpy outfits and beautiful girls (or boys), rest assured this place has nothing to do with those, although deep inside I’m sure it would have been an experience that would last a lifetime. *grins*

I was utterly impressed by the place as it had what it takes to please a geek, if I may say so, or to be precise, an avid reader. It has a few libraries, one of which reminds me of Hogwarts. I bet the young lady will instantly fall in love the moment she sets her eyes on them.

The Club hosts dinner and talk once or twice a month and I had the privilege to attend one recently. I didn’t know what to expect and was oblivious of certain ground rules such as mobiles must be switched off at all times, which includes no texting too, exchanging business cards is prohibited, to name a few. I asked if the rules were disclosed in any book or guide and to my surprise, members must learn by heart. Oh boy, this was even tougher than the Roman Empire.

I was seated in between two gentlemen and both had been to Malaysia at some point in time. One was part of the British reserve army during the Malayan Emergency. He was able to describe the geographical features of the country as if he had a map stored inside his memory. Many years later, he was there for a couple of times, mostly on business trips. We definitely had a lot to talk about as he used to head one of the energy giants in Europe. After a few decades of travelling and relocating, he now enjoys the company of his grandchildren which includes skiing with them and from time to time he sails across the Channel with his wife and friends. For a man of his age, it was pretty impressive.

I could count how many of us who weren’t silver foxes. A few young ladies looked like they married their professors. Apart from looking hot, they had this intelligent look written all over their face i.e. a grad student. Of course it helped when the guest list was distributed and Sir, Madam, Lady, Dr or Professor were among them, further supporting my theory.

Instead of listening to the talk, I was busy screening the guests. *grins*

Anyway, I enjoyed myself and the crème brule was simply divine! Darn! That’s my fourth dessert in four days

*Ms B would like to run her finger through the hair of the boys in The Vampire Diaries.*