Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Of call girls

Actually, only one to be precise and her name is Belle.

I was glued to the series last night featuring Billie Piper. Her witty remarks appeal me, as well as her impromptu talking to herself with flashy images, which may or may not be exotic. She somehow reminds me of Ally McBeal. She is smart with good fashion sense but has the wildest imagination. I am sure we can still remember the dancing baby.

Belle and Ally are just alike, apart from their job. Come to think of it, even their jobs have similarities. Both provide customer service but different products. Belle is smart enough to do financial planning on her own. She puts aside some to her “savings” account every time she completes a job. It goes to a safe deposit in a bank, a clever way to avoid Mr Taxman.

Fiction aside, I was told before that Sugar-Daddy syndrome is a norm back home. Girls want a quick way to have comfortable or luxury lifestyle. It seems this has also spread to this side of the world among our students.

I believe the majority of our students abroad are clever and some may refer them as “crème de la crème”. Even if they dont fall under the category, their parents have the means to support whatever lifestyle they wish. Only a handful of them are smart but have to find a way to finance their education needs. Usually these students manage to obtain a scholarship/bursary directly from their university due to their excellent academic results.

Imagine my surprise when I heard the Candy Girl trend is happening here. A colleague of a friend was approached by a “candy” and this guy knew what was on offer. Of course it didn’t matter to him as he has the means to do so and was only into it for fun. Yet, when he shared the info, it felt as if he made our girls sounded easy and well, desperate, contrary to the career-driven Malaysian ladies he knows aka this friend of mine.

It doesn’t help our image much when these girls start saying that an “accident” has occurred and they need the money to repair the damage. However, when the men offer to accompany them to the “workshop”, they refuse, further increasing our suspicion that it’s a scam.

It’s a pity to see that despite their intelligence, wisdom does not exist in their vocabulary. The lure of material things is so strong that one will go far just to reach them, even if it means putting their dignity and self-respect aside.


Anonymous said...

It's worrying isn't it? And the fact that they don't feel bad about it themselves...

A materialistic world it is. Read a magazine whilst waiting for my facial appointment last week, and an article mentioned some of those carrying designer bags would not be seen walking with people not carrying one! D-uhhhh!

Ms B said...

My friends and I have been discussing this for the past few weeks. The girl enrols at a reputable uni and ehem, on scholarship. Geesh! The guy is the typical 50 something Brit who is still care-free.

As for designer bags, for all we know it could be fake! It's sad if these ladies wouldnt want to be seen with someone who dont carry such.

Hazia said...

That is sad! And very disturbing...