Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer madness

We’ve had quite a hectic diary over the last two weeks. In case you haven’t heard, our Queen celebrated her 60th year on the throne. We were all geared up for the event, started at the school with a tea party where everyone came in blue, red and white. Then they had the flotilla on river Thames and somehow heavens decided to open their doors on that day. It didn’t dampen people’s spirit and we just waited for the royal barge to pass-by to get a glimpse of the Family. The young lady spotted a 6 feet ledge and suggested we climbed on it for a good view. It was truly worth it and at least we were able to sit while waiting for the flotilla unlike others who were closer to the river but swallowed by the sea of people, unable to see anything.  

Not forgetting the royal concert in front of the Palace which was totally awesome! Unfortunately yours truly fell ill after getting herself drenched on the day before as it was pouring heavily. So we watched the show at the comfort of our sofa. Some friends went to The Mall where they had a number of large screens to watch the concert.

We also had guests during the term break and our neighbours must have wondered why it felt like we were partying all the time. We got hooked on Just Dance and after a few days of stretching those muscles, pain finally kicked in. Anyway, it was good to have friends around, especially during ‘makan’ session.

On top of that, I have been busy writing away on new articles. Hopefully I will be able to finish them by end of this week tho it is a wishful thinking as I cant seem to get away from those horrible sales. Things have gone dirt cheap that I practically had to force myself from not spending. Imagine designer shoes going for 1/3 of its actual price. Yikes! Then recently I saw my fav Italian designer’s bags on sale and I almost succumbed to temptation. Thankfully I haven’t gone insane and the Partner should reward me for my good behaviour. I hope I wont cry in my sleep for not getting (any of) these:

Pictures googled.

Updated: Since I did not spend a penny on bags, I decided to get Scanpan stuffs and fancy duvet covers. *grins*

Friday, June 01, 2012

A precious moment

She was busy chatting about the gift from the Queen when I suddenly handed her a plastic bag, inside contained a card and a gift. Her eyes narrowed, oblivious of this event as she did not see this coming. Her birthday is still a few weeks ahead.  She took them out, trying to figure out what’s inside the box.

She opened the card and read it aloud. While halfway reading it, she couldn’t contain her emotions and broke down. I hugged and comforted her to stop sobbing, in between wiping her tears with a tissue which I managed to grab from a box nearby. When she regained her composure, she unwrapped the present. Upon seeing what was inside, she cried again and I could hear her whispers of love.

The card said, “Thank you for being a wonderful daughter who tries her best in everything she does.

The box had a type of Snow White’s fruit, in white.   

A belated congratulatory and early birthday gift. We love you baby.