Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September luck

The young lady has settled well at her old school and feels slightly pressured as her class teacher read her Year 5 year-end report to the whole class. We’ll be sitting with him to discuss her secondary school option which includes both state and public institutions. I think I have covered enough grounds and reached to a point that I couldn’t be bothered anymore. The idea is for her to be able to nail either top public (i.e. fee-paying) or good state school. Naturally we prefer she gets into those top fee-paying places, subject to she likes them. There is no point sending her to these schools if she doesn’t. So she has started her own research and whether these places have what she wants – Arts, Music, Science.

We managed to secure a place which is even better than what we had before and closer to the school. The young lady cant wait to move in and starts decorating her room. Our things are still in warehouse and since the storage fee is only GBP10 per week, I decided to let them stay there until we move to the new home.

Job wise, interview with the headhunter went well and she has highlighted which areas will be good for me. It seems she has to do her own research to find suitable roles for me due to my ‘colourful experience’ and seniority. Oh well, she gets good commission, so I am sure it will be worth her time.

At the same time, barely a week ago I received a phone call from a company back home who was interested in me. They were willing to cover my airfare and few nights of accommodation for the interview. However, I told them that since I’m back in UK, it is best that I focus on the job market here. If any of their bosses are in town, I am more than happy to have a quick chat over coffee to discuss future opportunities with the company.

On top of that, another ‘durian runtuh’ came to our lap and while we are thankful for it, it would have been nice to find out before us adjusting to London’s life. So for now, we’ll be based here and travel frequently to KL.

Oh, and we found out the young lady will have another addition to her cousin clan, probably with blonde hair and blue or green eyes.

September has really been kind to us. Thank you