Monday, November 19, 2012

Kingdom of hearts

There are days when the universe is trying their best to be heard but people refuse to listen, thinking things will straightened out eventually. Yet what one will do when the voice keeps pounding on your door, telling you to open your eyes and mind and not be blinded by your heart?

Even the smartest people can become jesters when it comes to love, fools who let themselves be ridiculed in this kingdom of hearts.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I just realised how much I miss this space. It feels good to be able to write and read my favourite blogs.
Sometimes when you feel a little bit lost, coming back to a place which once served as your sanctuary gives you the peace you need. It’s like having a hot mocha on a freezing day.  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Life as a St Trinian

The young lady has been with St Trinian for two months and it feels she has grown so much that I can barely recognise her. The school hours are longer, starts at 830am and ends at 4pm, with clubs running either during lunch time, before or after school hours. Their science subject has already been split into three unlike most schools where it is only done when they are in year 9 (I think).  They learn classical and modern languages and it feels she has a flare in that area as she got invited to join the creative writing club.


As for tests, it feels as if they have it every fortnight and sometimes the teachers decide to have it impromptu. This week alone she has three and I could hear her trying to memorise the bone structure for biology. Heck, I don’t think I learnt those when I was at her age. I wonder how she studies as I have yet to pass my ‘skill’ to her but she is coping well, with merit in Latin and Spanish while her Maths and Science’s results are consistently above 90%.


This term she is learning dance and hockey for PE. Apparently the latter is easier and it took me by surprise that she enjoys the game. I never saw it coming as she has always been the ‘nerdy’ type. Guess she’s slowly building her skills and interests in other areas.


One thing I love about the girls is that they speak immaculately, with lovely accent and proper grammar. Most kids chew their words and it annoys me when they do so. She’s mixing well, hanging out with friends from other classes during lunch or break. Her bestie is the designer’s daughter while her ‘tube-mate’ is Chinese British who plays the violin and is in the school’s orchestra.


From time to time she’ll thank me for sending her to that place. The teachers are strict but warm and friendly. She reckons her friends find her weird but they are also strange themselves, hence making them lethal combination. Lol!


I am happy that she is settling well and loves high school. I just hope she doesn’t grow too fast….