Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Closing doors..

I’ve been away. Out at client’s place, on leave and on course. I only have four more working days before I start my Christmas break. It’ll be two weeks leave. Looking forward to it.

My course for the past two days was about report writing. There was a session on grammar and surprisingly, I knew all the answers! The facilitators said, usually the non-English speakers are aces when it comes to this session. I just love it! J Funny funny.

My favourite Ghost Whisperer series is now over. There goes my Tuesday night entertainment. Oh well, I still have CSI to watch. I’m tempted to buy the box series on Sex & The City. It’s on sale for just £50 for the complete series. That’s a bargain! I’m trying really hard not to buy anything until sale starts which is just 13 days to go.

Mama S has asked when I’m free to hang out (without our kids). She said we should ask Kakak Rock to come along and just have mommies’ night out, leave the kids with the nanny. The last time I watch a movie was a few months ago, Cars. Anyway, it’ll be good to have a day with the moms. Kakak Rock wants to bring me to the salon she usually goes to. Apparently it’s much cheaper as the beauticians are still on training, thus charges are below market price. J

Also, I got feedback from my previous assignment. Overall, the Director gave ‘outstanding and excellent’. I’m very pleased! There were specific and lengthy comments but I was really surprised with the feedback. My friends keep saying that I always under-rate myself. I should have more faith in my capabilities.

It also applies to love. I need to have more faith in TD, his sincerity. I guess what I went through made me sceptical. I shouldn’t judge him, I shouldn’t keep my doors closed.

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