Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mirror mirror on the wall

It’s a high price to pay for beauty. I have nothing against those who go extreme measure to be the fairest of them all but to apply the same concept on your kids sounds hard to digest, even by those who provide these services.

I’ve heard girls as young as 10 years of age who go for waxing. Perhaps they do have serious hair issue but I doubt they should resort to such method. They have more interesting things to worry about such as the latest Barbie’s style, their fav artist’s CD or concert, new Disney movies etc. Besides, I think boys love their toys and gadgets more than babes at that age.

Now, imagine my surprise when I read the news about a mom giving her 8 year old daughter wax and botox. She actually administers the injection and the video showed the young girl appeared ok with the whole thing. In her defence, the beauty pageant for kids is a tough world and one has to be on the top to win the crown.

I personally feel that the mom was deprived from the prom queen title or the hunks when she was younger that she wants her daughter to materialise her own dream.

Such a twisted world.


Darlene said...

"..10 years of age who go for waxing. Perhaps they do have serious hair issue.."


ok i'm being insensitive.

perhaps they DO have serious hair issue.

Ms B said...

hehhehe... I know. I thought the same as well but if I'm not mistaken, this girl had her arms and legs waxed as the hair were too thick. So I suppose on that basis, it is ok. :)

Its a different story with this 8 yr old kid who had eyebrow waxed and botox. sigh...

The Momster said...

Oh my! No wonder kids get migraine nowadays. Such stress!