Thursday, October 16, 2008


Booth: Can I make a lifestyle suggestion?
Brennan: Go ahead.
Booth: You know, vacation - it's from the Latin "vacatio" and means, you know, freedom and release - you might want to consider that next time.
Brennan: Learning Latin?
Booth: This is the opposite of vacation. I mean, no wonder you snapped, went insane and totally lost your mind.
Brennan: Oh, thanks for your understanding.

My planned leave is less than a week from now and I still have not decided on where to go. All I know is that I really need a break. Both of us do, tho probably not so much for the lil one as she is enjoying her life.

I better make up my mind soon.

Or maybe I should ditch both ideas and just head to Paris for a short break. Less of a headache.


Anonymous said...

I might be in London Wednesday the 22nd and I know how you feel about being anonymous. Just thought if I could lure you for coffee *wink*

*The Angel*

Anonymous said...

Paris is nice too! :)

You take it easy Ms B and have fun!

ms curvy said...

Paris? Why not? I think what you need is a break.. irrespective of wherever the place may be.. REST is what matters.. Go on.. fly to PARIS..

fizzy said...

comment allez-vous?
vous avez bien?

lol.. talking about paris reminds me of french, my third language that i haven't been able to make full use of.
anyway,wherever it is you're going miss b, u sure are gonna have a splendid time with your little one..
take care!

Hazia said...

Sometimes a spontaneous outing is much more memorable than a well-planned one. Wherever you decide to go, do chill and absorb everything around you...:)

syukur said...

Paris sounds NICE !!! Go Go !!

Kak Teh said...

Paris in autumn can be awesome, so why not? But whereever it is that you go with the lil one, have fun.

Ms B said...

Hi Angel,

Hmm, I think I can guess who you are, unless you never left a comment at my blog or you are a guy! Cos the person I'm thinking is a lady who constantly travels. *smiles*

It'd be nice to meet up but my schedule is tight as I have made arrangements for our hols. Next time, yeah.

Ms B said...

Hi momster,

We've been to paris disneyland and the factory outlet (I cant miss those places. he he he) but not the city itself.

Anyway, made our reservations to somewhere hot. So guess we have to go eh?

Ms B said...

Hi ms curvy,

I'm taking a decent leave, 5 days. Will write about the destination. Not paris, the weather around our neighbours is as gloomy as us. anywhere more than 2 hours flight to the south should be ok.

U keep well!

Ms B said...

Bonjour! Je suis bien, merci. Et tu?

My french is so rusty that I couldnt believe that I continued learning until uni and got high marks for it. Better than my core subjects! Once I got back, didnt practise and it went down the drain. Tapi kalau sesat in a french speaking country, I'm sure I'd survive. *Lol*

U keep well dear!

Ms B said...

Hi hazia,

Probably next trip will be impromptu. There are many places that i'd love to go but the lil one wants to visit disneyland again. Maybe we'll go in december. They have special shows for christmas.

Ms B said...


Not going to Paris. Somewhere hot and close to the beach.

Maybe next time.

Ms B said...

Hi Kak Teh,

The lil one is excited! and the place we are going is 20 degrees warmer!

Hope it'd be a good trip.

I hope we'll catch up soon.