Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tagged - again

Akmal has kindly tagged me (I suppose it was payback time since I tagged him earlier).

7 facts about me:

1. I am tall compare to the average malay women. Once I went on a blind date and I asked him whether it was ok for me to wear heels. I was being polite. Oh, my girlfriends’ first question after a date would be his height!

2. I love to eat and it always raises people’s eyebrows, especially if it involves chips, ice creams, cheese etc, as it is not shown by my body figure.

3. I am not a fan of shoes or handbags. I trust my collections are only a fraction of what women with the same purchasing power but they are enough to make me look good. *LOL*

4. Cooking is like a therapy for me and I cook out of love. When I am stressed or just want to relax, I cook. If the lil one craves for a particular dish, I will do it. This fact is not common among family and friends as I hardly do so back home (or probably the way I appear?). Once my girl said to the grandparents, “Mummy never cooks here and you think she can’t but she makes really yummy food”.

5. I drink mocha EVERYDAY! Even the coffee guy/girl at the cafe near work knows my order without me uttering a word.

6. I love nasi lemak kerang and thankfully, during the last 2 trips back, I found a place close enough to home that have them served all day long!

7. I am a single parent to a beautiful and adorable daughter, who always wishes for her mum to find her prince. I reckon he is lost somewhere. Can someone please give him a map?

I now tag D, Darlene, Syuks, NJ, Fizzy, Momster, Kak Teh, anyone else up for it?

Oh, happy deepavali everyone! Hope those back home are enjoying the long weekend.


Akmal said...

Wah quick! Hehe. You are one sporting lady la ms b :)
I drink mocha occasionally also. I prefer latte though, but, heck both are super duper :)

Inah said...

owh..we have things in common..i cook when i stress :)

come here and i'll cook for u n lil miss b :)

Kak Teh said...

ms B, kak teh banyak sangat hutang tag yang tak terbayar - and i think people know of my idiosyncrasies. hahaha. i might lose more readers of i expose more.

darlene said...

hi ms b,

yeay, it's a new link! :)

oww, i have an assignment?

will let you know.

glad to hear you had a good break.

AporN said...

Tottally agreed with the No. 4

Ms B said...

hi akmal,

Of course bro! U did mine, I should do urs.

latte is good but it depends which cafe we go. usually i find starbucks is less strong compare to cafe nero or costa. The italians prefer theirs strong.

Ms B said...

hi inah,

ok, will do. should we come over, i'll take up that offer. u are there for 4 years, right? i'm sure we can squeeze something.

Better, if i get that big fat pay cheque, i take a career break and travel there. :)

U keep well k!

Ms B said...

kak teh dear,

ha ha ha. i know. u are one of those who owe people. its ok. saje jer.

besides, i think the "confessions" series shud give enuf clues abt u. he he he.

Ms B said...

hi darlene,

yeah new link and new songs! *smiles*

I had a good break. a bliss....

Ms B said...

hi aporn,

hope you are enjoying ur break! have fun k. eat lots! and ride ur new baby.