Friday, August 01, 2008


I was so excited to write this post but got annoyed by the slow connection! I mean, I'm sure the broadband we have at home is many times of the speed to the one I'm using in London but seriously, I cant describe how slow the connection is.

Oh well, flight was smooth but I didnt eat at all as I wasnt feeling bright. Mom made super delicious food which compensated the 12 hrs fasting. Went to bed at 10pm and woke up 2 hrs later, jet lag obviously.

What else? Bro wants to bring me to watch Dark Night. Everyone says it's a great movie. He said, that's if no one has asked me out on a date to watch it. *LOL*

I think it'll be quiet the next few days as I will be busy preparing for my girl's birthday bash. Also, want to check out the big malls. (Momster, I'm taking ur advice to experience our shopping plcs).

ps: Mr Big texted out of the blue and I replied, saying that I just touched down. He really has strong 6th sense. *winks*


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms B,
Welcome home!! U must check out the pavilion, gardens, etc.. watch movies only at the golden class, ok! Try the fish eating foot massage.. zah

U.Lee said...

Hey! You balek kampong? Ahhh, now can eat your curry kerang mee, huh?
Have a wonderful holiday, Ms B. Take care, Lee.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Don't forget to update ok, no matter how busy you are...
it'd be nice to read when malaysia is the setting, instead of london, once in a while... :D

and Mr. Big have strong 6th sense, only when you are involved i reckon... *grins*