Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Gossip & men

Many things happened over the last few days, both good and bad. Mostly good, thankfully.

My schedule has been very packed, back to back meeting. Managed to catch up with many friends, including the significant ones (it kind of makes me having a moment of emotional roller coaster).

On another note, met a good friend and hubby who were both in London a few months ago. The hub aka Mr Fairlady, told me that his friend has been telling everyone that he met the most happening lady in London. To my surprise, his friend meant me! WTH! We’ve only met few times while his friend was there on holiday. Of all people, I could be the most unhappening person. I seriously cant remember the last time I went out late nights, checking the cool places. Anyway, his friend told Mr Fairlady that if I am in town, he should let them (his circle of friends) know. I suppose Mr Fairlady wanted to see my stamp of approval. Mind you, they are very successful, above average looking and single.

Sigh. I don’t know. So far, I’ve managed to avoid dates. I mean, the men I’m hanging out these days are all close friends (ie the Significant Ones). One particular Little Fish has been very persistent. I tell you, these boys really don’t know when to slow down. Yup! BOYS! We are talking more than 5 years of gap! Probably I’ll let them take me out for breakfast. Safe option. *LOL*

At the moment, I am in no position to say nor decide anything. But if I were, it will be a tough one.

So please let me have a peaceful holiday, especially since the package includes yummy men. *LOL*

Ps: pls excuse Ms B. She is trying to cheer herself up as it is hard to change people’s perception. No matter how much you’ve achieved, the stigma is always there. Oh well, at least my Tods and Ferragamos aren’t fake. *winks*


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms B,
that's a good one! The Ferragamo and the Tod's thingy.. zah

Kak Teh said...

Ms B, miss our chats - have fun and you know what I mean.