Saturday, August 23, 2008

On a lighter note

Ok, enough feeling melancholic. Here are some interesting comments from people during this trip:

"U have an 8 year-old daughter?!?!" (scratching their heads)

"U are one hot mama" (from a girlfriend. Also the same person who explained MILF)

"Try to look like locals." (But I do look like one!!! Darn! The cab drivers were asking me stupid fares.)

"I like hanging out here, checking out people, the way they dress up, and when I'm lucky, I get to see a yummy mummy like today" (this is the closest I get of a compliment from a dear friend).

"It's the way you carry yourself. Ur selection of clothes, the way u walk, straight and not slouch, the look on ur face. Other people walk alone at the malls but u do it with an air of confidence". (On why people think I'm foreign.)

"I think you dated too many good looking men over there that when you come here, a handsome local guy in our eyes seems decent to you" (A friend commented on my reply on whether so and so is good looking or not. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked)

"U do realise that your first few sentences, u have the british accent. Then after a while when you know who is on the other side of the line, u speak like one of us." (by my Sifus aka The Senior Partner upon calling me using an unknown number)

"U dont need a man. If u want to have a baby, just ask for a catalogue. Less headache. Plus u get to choose the attributes" (from Mama Goodfood and Hubby on man/hubby/baby topic. A donor is a better option. Now, how do I explain to my parents if it happens. *LOL*)

"We think that ur decision was probably the best thing u had done. U look more radiant, joyful and full of life, even without a man." (came from my favourite couple, Mr and Mrs Cooper)

"U know, ur life may be like a roller coaster this year but u really manage to compartmentalise them well." (a girlfriend commenting on the things I've experienced this year and how I am dealing with them. She now has proven that I think like a man.)

The last two are not helping! No wonder our men dont look at me twice. They think I have a man in my life, when I dont! Hmm, do u think it'll help if I try to make myself look unhappy, needy, or better, a typical blonde babe? *LOL*

Clearly I dont need a man for whatever reason. I just want one, The One.

*in her own thoughts* am I jinxed or something? Cos each time a good catch passes along, timing is always off.


Anonymous said...

ms b,
looks like it's compliments all the way!

i feel like asking you for your photo now! :D

U.Lee said...

Hi Mrs B, hey, I didn't know you da balek London, thought you still galavanting in ye ole country, ha ha.
Da puas makan kerang laksa, soto ayam, ikan masak assam etc?

Reading thru your this very lively posting, I can see you a very interesting, ahemm, exciting woman...someone under different circumstances and time if I had cross path...with or without intentions...I tentu lepas handbrake, go for broke, ha ha.

Add that lovely British accent, your exotic good looks, not to mention curvy figure in a slinky cocktail dress...kena buka my Ninjalogy book terus page 56, ha ha. This page only meant for sophisticated, classy ladies...

What? Tada any J. Bonds give resume or send application let alone roses during your visit? A beautiful lady like you...would be the ultimate dating experience.

Mrs B, you just be yourself...your warmth will radiate to, "The One" when you least expect.
Stay gorgeous Mrs B and have a great week, nice to have you back, Lee.

Ezza Aziz said...

salam Mrs B

saya singgah sekejap sebab nampak komen lee. Baca apa yang tulis ni nasib baik tak panjang macam Lee. Sebenar nya masa tulis ni saya sedang bersarapan nasi lemak dengan kerang..beli kat warung depan tu,,hehehe..
Selamat berkenalan dan Selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan dan selamat berpuasa...kat sana bila mula berpuasa ??

Ms B said...


compliments came from old friends, people who have known me for the last 5++ years, except one or two from new friends.

Anyway, I'm still a plain jane. Kak Teh and Ruby can easily verify that. Seriously no supermodel looks.

Kak Teh said...

what i can confirm is that Ms B radiates self confidence and warmth and happiness from inside -especially when she is with her lil one. You can trust me on this, as I always bump into her around the corner, up the street, in a certain eatery etc etc.

Ms B said...

Hi Lee,

James bond/CV/roses? :) Like I said earlier on, I avoided dates. I just hanged out with old friends or men that I'm comfortable with. Except for one time, when I finally followed my gut feelings to meet a new friend. That was probably the closest I could get that fell as a date. But I doubt I made any impression to him as I am certain there are many gorgeous women in his list.

Anyway, it was a good trip...a memorable one. U keep well Lee!

Ms B said...

Hi Ezza,

Thank u for dropping by at my humble blog! Memang suka sangat nasi lemak kerang. Kalau tak silap, semlm Ustaz cakap puasa hari Isnin.Selamat berpuasa to u too!

Ms B said...

ahhahah Kak Teh.. we ALWAYS bump into each other, yet so hard to arrange a proper meeting. Thank u for your compliments. My lil girl simply brings out the best out of me.

Glad I called u yesterday. *smiles* We'll catch up soon.

fizzy said...

love reading your entries!
hopefully it wont be long till you meet The One.
[have yet to find mine too..huhu]

take care of yourself.

and selamat menyambut Ramadhan!

Ms B said...

Fizzy dearest,

One day, you will find The One. Usually it is when you least expected. Trust me. *smiles*

U take care too and may you have a meaningful ramadhan!