Thursday, August 21, 2008

A happy ending in every story

In a few days time, we will be going back, to a place that for now is home to both of us. Things will be back to reality. Back to the things that I am certain of. Being a single parent to a wonderful daughter, having a high flying career and the opportunity to make it big there. For now, those are the things that I have...

My holiday started low with some (un)expected events. My emotions were mixed, struggling to find where my life will lead me next. Some things remain unchanged, things that I have no control of. I tried my best to not let it interfere with my life by focussing on what I do best. So the past few weeks, a friend of mine opened up my eyes that my gift would probably be touching a person's life in a way that they need it at that point of time. She explained on why people still remember me, despite the years of absence. I have been bumping into people from the past and I could not recall them, yet they remember me and the little things I did.

And like every summer break in the movies, there will be an event that will make your holiday worthwhile. The last few days have been great, spending time with a new friend. I hope the person enjoyed my company as I did. Probably it was the highlight of my holiday. *smiles* and just like the movies, it will always come to end. For what its worth, I hope I have touched your life in a way you feel it best. Open your heart to new happiness within yourself and it will come to you.

Both me and Mini B look forward to go back, to our cosy flat. It may be nothing to what we have here but it is our home, where me and my lil girl build our memories together. A place full of love and laughter, always welcomes the company of good friends. Back to the things we love doing; a walk to the park, having coffee at Starbucks, hours at the book shop, making her favourite dishes (yes honey, I know you miss mummy's cooking)..

My holiday may have started low but like every story, it does have a happy ending... Thank you for making it memorable..

ps: this post is dedicated to House. Perhaps one day our paths will cross again.

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