Sunday, July 19, 2009

Twilight books

Someone asked about the price of Twilight books. So far, the cheapest collection I managed to find was from WH Smith at £38.40 (was £60). The books are hard cover, thus pricier. (my fellow bloggers/regulars, appreciate your comments here. Feel free to share if you have seen better price).

However, the ones that I got were paperback. The price was £6.99 for two books. I have yet to see paperback version for Breaking dawn. If the remaining two books are bought from the same place, it’d be £12.99 (buy one get one free. The hard cover format is £12.99, paperback £6.99). I think online will be cheaper as seen from
here . The total amount will be under £10 for two books, instead of £12.99.

Ok... so the conclusion is, if you buy separately (not the collection as I mentioned in the first para), the total costs for the books if purchase online is £16.98 (excluding delivery charges) and £19.98 if you get them from the store. I am unsure how long does the offer last.

By the way, you might get them cheaper elsewhere e.g. amazon but please take note of the delivery charges. Some may waive if the total costs exceeds certain amount. I hope this helps you, ms anonymous.

Ps: Will reply to comments soon.


Inah said...

that is considered cheap compared to oz dollar..

i want to read half blood prince now :(

IDB said...

you mentioned 6.99 pounds for 2 and 12.99 for the whole collection? that is really, really cheap!

good luck looking for breaking dawn, that book is really thick so might be more pricey. i couldnt put that book down as i was dying to know the ending.

ps : im also looking forward to dan brown's 'the lost symbol'. that should be a good read, i hope!

Anonymous said...
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