Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dangerously hot

A few days ago, I came across this article, what's wrong of being selfish?.
There were many things mentioned which I could relate to. Perhaps the article reminded me of the ideas I shared among friends. Most importantly, the highlight of the article was about making choices.

Whether getting married, remain single, having children or not, work or being a SAHM, all of which we are entitled to. Yet why do we keep getting criticised for the choices we make?

Worse of all, the ones who love to criticise are females. Sigh… If you must know, your comments don’t fall under constructive feedback. It just reflects how narrow your world must be.

I have worked with a few (giant) companies and more often than not, I see that the ones who dampen our spirit are ladies. Men don’t care whether you are married or with kids, as long as you deliver, you get the recognition. It is often the female bosses who are harder to please.

Now, back to the choices, why is it difficult for people to understand for being single? There is nothing wrong for setting the bars high or wanting the right man (note right, not perfect. Those only exist in movies or fairy tales). As for enjoying the honeymoon period longer ie postponing pregnancy, it probably helps to bond a couple stronger. You get to do more adventurous or wild things now (hey, there is no limit once you tie the knot). As for the number of kids, why on earth should this matter? Seriously! Some of us enjoy having the quality of life with our loved ones. Perhaps some are wise to know the rising cost of living, in particular, education. Thus, having two kids suffice, unless you are one those who think scholarship continue to exist by the time your kids reach university.

So to those who are having a hard time, don’t let them get their way. It gives them pleasure when they find you irritated by the comments. Be happy with the choices we make.

Life isn't one size fits all -- different things make our lives fulfilling.

On another note, I think werewolf is kinda hot. I wonder when the new movie comes out, I will scream like those teenagers when they make their appearance (as mentioned by IDB). Jake sounds deliciously sexy but based on the picture, somehow I want Paul more. *grins* Hang on, is it legal to fantasise boys?

Picture taken from eonline.


darlene said...

'Life isn't one size fits all' how true. very much how i think with the 'question in the restaurant' that i received recently (and ms b, i always admire how you hit the points every time).

btw i have to quickly read your entry because there's a very distracting picture in the end. oh yeah agreed on paul (the movie version. the book version, err didnt really notice). and so agree on JAKE ! after eclipse i was totally torn btw vampire and werewolves (LOL. like it's a huge problem. sorry anything twilight can make me tiba2 excited)

D said...

I found an old best friend of mine on FB and we're writing each other messages about what's been happening in our lives. She wrote a line that said,".. I know I can tell you anything without being judged.." and it really got me thinking. Why do people HAVE to judge others? What others do is entirely their own business. As long as they are happy and satisfied, that's all that matters.

Respect people for what and who they are. Anything else happens when He permits.

You keep well!

ps: don't forget to make yourself free this weekend for coffee..!!

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Ms B...i think we live with million of choices and the those people without/limited choices will be the one who like to criticize others...yeah, i have to agree with you that female bosses are harder to please...;-)

n.i. said...

hang in there babe!!!

lil Happy me! said...

Hi you,

Bystanders don't understand the things that one goes through, bak kata pepatah "Berat mata melihat, berat lagi bahu memikul".

You know, I too still cry over things that I feel I am incapable of changing when others would simply say, move on! It is easier said than done, that I have to repeat, again and again.

(And there's a pool of tears building up)

And I tell myself not to let anyone see me as the girl in Rob Thomas's song. Coz the bystanders will sadly and always see it as sad.

P.S - please don't put this up. I just feel like writing this to you coz I don't have an email to write to. Take care!

Anonymous said...

i like this entry - somewhat related to n.i's entry too.

insecurity is the main reason people criticizes too much. nak sedapkan hati sendiri, you know! ;)

IDB said...

oh..i've had my share of female bosses and they are the most difficult people to please and very hormonal too! im glad to be away from it all now.

those werewolves in the picture look superhot but i still have a soft spot for the vampires. i see you are fast becoming a 'twilighter' too...they have massive followers out there! heheh

Anonymous said...
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Ms B said...


i saw the article and somehow I felt like sharing (your post triggered it as well. *grins*). Sometimes people dont get it when we try to soften our tone, thus a direct approach is preferred. *lol*

Yeah, Paul was nowhere in the book. then suddenly the character for the movie is so damn hot! But they are so young.... sigh..

Ms B said...


I dont understand it as well, like everything has to be measured! it's a pity cos they dont realise that there are many things in life to be appreciated.

anyway, thank u for making time. The young lady truly enjoyed herself and she keeps asking for the other young lady.

Ms B said...

HI danial,

I bet if the female boss happens to be demi moore, u have no objection. *grins*.

Ms B said...


If you must know, ur posted prompted me to write this. Glad to know u had a good weekend with the girls.

Ms B said...


Bystanders sometimes fail to see that despite all odds, people can sail tru. They just hv to open their eyes and think of the possibilities (unless they think everything can be earned tru short cut.).

Ms B said...


exactly! maybe the insecurity leads them to come out with ignorant comments. Kinda reminds me of your irky-wirky moment ie lupa pasang IUD.

ps: its the young lady's bday.

Ms B said...


female bosses tend to be competitive and i'm sure we can understand why but sometimes it gets too much.

I dont think I'd be a hard core fan but I can layan the books. oh yeah, we grew up having brad pitt/tom cruise/david boreanaz as vampires, so cant blame us for hvg soft spots.

yet vampires are cold and werewolves are warm.