Sunday, July 26, 2009

Of half naked men and brand

AC & H

I always wondered what the fuss of the above clothing was. In fact, when I first passed by one of the shops, I thought it was an exhibition place or studio as the building was somewhere in a back alley and it had a queue in front. When I got closer, I saw a half naked man striking a pose at the porch, confirming my suspicions that it could be a studio which exhibited live models.

It was only much later when I was asked to find such brand by someone (it happens I’m a personal shopper for friends for a mere teh tarik and roti canai as commission) that I realised the place was actually a shop!

As one enters, one cannot help feeling how inadequate he or she is surrounded by gorgeous looking sales assistants. The ladies are tall, slim and slender with hour glass body whilst the blokes have well toned figure. The guys take turns to be a model at the porch, displaying their asset for the benefit of us ladies. Oh, one of the girls will be a photographer using a Polaroid camera and customers are welcomed to take a picture with the bloke.

Interesting eh? *grins* Of course, the young lady wasn’t impressed when she saw that, not when the girls went goo-goo ga-ga to get their hands on the poor chap.

My only reservation about these places is their concept of using very dim lights. I couldn’t see the items and where I was going, especially when they were crowded. Yet, I think the atmosphere helps customers to spend more than necessary as it makes them ten times gorgeous upon trying their clothing. Unfortunately, I have yet to be fooled by the whole thing and still dont understand why people keep flocking.

However, if you need some stress reliever or just to “cuci mata”, feel free to drop by. Just have fun with all those eye candies and if you are bold enough, take a picture with the half naked bloke. I wouldn’t be surprised if women pinch his ass.


Naz said...

I will add that on my list of things to do in London. GPS coordinates?

Anonymous said...

oh my! confirm cannot get this in KL! :P

IDB said...

kedai ape ni? heheh. must check out the naked men!

nway, im never fooled by the dim lights and long narrow mirrors...they make us look temporarily good! the minute i go home im all wide happened to me once when i was in banana republic and the clothes dont come cheap either.

Ms B said...


Definitely must visit for ladies. *lol* very close to piccadily circus.

Now thats what we call retail therapy. *grins*

Ms B said...


kat KL memang lah tak dpt. Plus I thought the male sales assistants are errr...soft? *grins*

I think the moment you step into these shops, you forget all about shopping. Cuci lah mata puas2.

Ms B said...


havent u heard the names? Check the words on the clothing. A&F and H. (two brands) A&F has the HALF naked men. doubt they will reveal all. *grins*

next time u turun london, u let me know and we go check out nak? *winks*

AporN said...


Now dat i'm out of job, i ought to go to London and work at such store! With the my body, I bet women will drool too, seeing me half naked.

wooohoooo... and how i wish i have such a body!

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Ms B...hour glass bods...i wanna go too can huh? eyes already a lot of habuk, so can cuci2 oso...;-)

darlene said...

oww, dim lights are dangerous.

Ms B said...


As long as you hv the height, body and a little bit of look, u can nail the job. *grins*

But there is an easier option. Go to one of our beaches where many female tourists hang out. I'm sure u'll be noticed. ala2 beach boys right? *grins*

Ms B said...


yes pls cuci mata as the ladies are smoking hot! the shops are always warm, so they are always in low cut sleeveless top. *lol*

Ms B said...


dangerous for who? our purse or the hot looking boys? *grins*

darlene said...

anything and anyone within the perimeter......