Friday, July 03, 2009

All or nothing

“Look, we’re here, aren’t we, so why not just enjoy it, leave all the other stuff at home. There’s something to be said for the occasional treat – we dont have to put up with each other’s nastier habits.”

“You sound like a bloke.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s usually men who compartmentalise their lives. Women are supposed to be all or nothing.”

“One’s compartment’s better than nothing.”

The next best thing – Sarah Long

The moment I read the above, it reminded me of the conversation that I had with a girlfriend of my ability to put things in a chest of drawers. At home, I am a mother to a loving and thoughtful daughter. At work, I am a dedicated and career driven person.

And then, there are some occasions when I feel the need to be a woman; to be swept off my feet by the swirl of romance. Be it coffee at the park and watch the kids playing around, lunch in the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, candle-light dinner complete with desserts.

So I enjoy the moments and place them in the drawers. Whenever I need to be reminded, I take them out and let myself be carried away. Sweet surrender...


n.i. said...


Naz said...

'love this entry :)

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Ms B...yeah, we are people with million characters...just play the right one, at the right time, at the right place...have a great weekend...;-)

Jumper said...

It's a talent of its own, to wear different hats, to play different cards and to live to fulfil the many needs. You're a talented fine lady with the good balance of the things you do so far. Good luck in maintaining it..

lil Happy me! said...

But I, too, compartmentalise my life. What makes me?

lil Happy me! said...

And one more thing - I too, love Rob Thomas's Her Diamonds... it's perfect!

lil Happy me! said...

Are you well already? (Get well soon!)

Ms B said...

n.i, how do i respond to your remarks? *winks* hope u are feeling better.


it was one of those musings from the heart. reflections of the past and present.

Ms B said...


your words sound like a director of a movie. as shakespeare said, the world's a stage and we are merely players.

I suppose we better get our scripts right.

Enjoy ur makan session!

Ms B said...


I need more than luck to maintain this. So far, I manage to strike the balance. Occasionally, i feel at lost.

But hey, we keep on going and look forward to colourful days ahead.

Ms B said...


So you are a bloke too? *grins* Gosh! The new song from Rob is quite a catch. love it!

I am better but now the young lady got the bug from me. So she's happily watching dvd at home.

lil Happy me! said...

An elderly Blogger-turned-friend hinted Rob Thomas's Her Diamonds as a sad number.

I tend to agree with her, now that I have listened to it couple of times. In the beginning, I only liked it for its catchy beat. When I listened closely to its lyrics, I really wished that I wouldn't be the subject in the song in a million year.

What's your take?