Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's raining

It’s raining.
It’s pouring.
The old man is snoring.
He went to bed and bumped his head and couldn’t wake up in the morning.

And so it was. For the past few days, rain seemed to have taken the city, with occasional sunshine which was not enough to keep us jolly and for us be able to wear our frocks without hesitation. Whoever brought back the legging style, I’m sure most of us are thankful to them. The young lady is able to wear her dresses and skirts without feeling chilly. All girls (and women) want to be chic and the legging is definitely a solution during these times.

My routine has been somewhat off. I thought I would have trouble keeping myself occupied but boy was I wrong. Everyday there is something to do or people to meet. I suppose it was a good thing to be staying put. I managed to meet the Godmother, Mrs Dior, the lady with 3 heroes and one heroine (which ended up with ice cream treat for the kids) and a few others.

Thus, the blog was slowly drifting away, tucked in the corner of this mind of mine. I realise I dont have much to write whenever I’m on a break. Obviously I cant be a writer who often takes long holiday in a French chateau or beach villa in a middle of nowhere just to get their creative juice pumping. I suppose the daily (and dull) routine helps my idea to flow better. Or perhaps I perform well while under pressure (yeah right).

Despite the so-called hectic schedule, I still managed to squeeze some shopping time. One book shop was closing down, with 50% discount at a minimum. We came back with two bags of books! An Enid Blyton – The Family Collection book was only £2.50 (was £10).

Ah, I must admit that I have to stay away from MD. I usually end up with something each time I pop in. The last time I went, I grabbed 3 items of clothing. To be fair, they were 70% less, thus a good bargain. I must admit I no longer have the energy to show up at a store at 6am in the morning during sale season. I did that once just to prove to friends that I’ve tried that. *grins* I guess I’m lucky to be able to find something that I like even after the shops had their sales for weeks already, although I dont think it’s a good excuse to be getting an item each time I visit MD. (can you blame me when they are marked down seriously low?)

The sun is out now and I suppose I should take the young lady out for awhile. Perhaps strawberry milkshake might do the trick


IDB said...

funny enough i was just singing that song the other day, the weather here has not been promising for weeks already.

and im forbidding myself from entering MD too.. just got a jacket for really, really cheap yesterday, how can one resist?! it was too good a bargain.

Ms B said...

it's quite depressing these days and you really hv to think twice to go out. When we had a bit of sunshine, it meant a short dash to the supermarket to get food supply.

I think once we start wearing MD, it's hard to go back. their quality is good, no?

ps: love your piece of art.

Anonymous said...

i truly feel the leggings is fashionable without sacrificing comfort!

the mention of strawberry milkshake is making me salivate! how to slim down when the mention of everything sinful is making me salivate? :P

Ms B said...


leggings is a must have item. UK weather is so unpredictable, thus it is better to be prepared.

ah, the restaurant at my work now serves ice cream and more desserts as part of summer menu. sila lah salivate. :P