Sunday, July 27, 2008

Of waxing and holiday

Today at my usual beauty salon:

Beautician: Is it ok to have your daughter in here?

Me: Yes. Why not?

Beautician: You are here for Brazilian wax, right?

Huh? Luckily she asked, otherwise I’d have spent my Sunday in pain. *LOL* Anyway, not that my girl isn’t used to it. I think she has seen too many jungles each time she and her BFF (best friend forever) go for their swim. The women at the changing room bare all! The girls have fun commenting on them.

Besides, she knows I do it on my own. Only when I want to pamper myself, I get the professional to do it. I don’t think there is any difference between doing it on your own or spend an extra £15-30 for each treatment. Well, perhaps when it comes to, ehem certain difficult angles. If you are planning to wear a Brazilian bikini, then it’s a wise choice to get the professional. Otherwise, if you do it right, you can pass wearing a normal bikini.

Is it getting hot in here? *winks* Trust me. It’s the weather. It has been really warm these days. The past two days, I wore my beach style dresses with slippers. Wanted to wear sandals but knowing I had to finish my shopping list along Regent Street to Oxford Street, I resorted to slippers.

I’m 80% packed. Mini B is excited, more because she wants to see her friends and her second birthday bash. This year, her party here was more matured than last year. We had it at the bowling centre. I took the party package; an hour of bowl followed by party, complete with goodie bag. Stress-free. Last year, her theme was Pirates of the Caribbean.

As for me, I am actually looking forward to go home. I sense that it will be an interesting one, opportunities to explore.

Also, I am looking forward to see a few fellow bloggers, especially Simah as we have been gossiping tru the phone all these time, as well as D who indirectly knows me tru Simah and Kak Teh. Insya-Allah, we’ll meet.


n|ns said...

hi! thanks for informing me the new url... B for birkin suits you... ;)

have fun packing and i wonder how heavy the '100% packed' would be... :D

as for the 'jungle', reminds me of a scene in SATC the movie... hehehe...

Priya said...

Thanks for keeping connected. I was a bit worried when i couldn't get to your site. You are coming home! Have a good trip and enjoy yourself.

D said...

my dear,
you told me you've moved, but you didn't quite leave a trail!! So, had to go sniffing around like a hound! LOL!

Oh, WoW!! Exciting coming home, eh? Ok, Ok... we'll meet over mocha! Have a good journey.

zah said...

Dear Ms B,
Have a safe trip to KL. I know it's going to be busy once you are here but hey.. dont forget to blog, ok? Take care..

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog by random bloghopping but I end up reading your whole archive.

Not being nosy but just intrigue and more salut for a single parent like you, juggling work and still giving time for your kiddo no matter what.

I'm a fan of Coelho as well and I pray, one day, you'll find your zahir.

Salam perkenalan,

Ash W

Ms B said...


No worries. I only share to those I'm comfortable it. Perhaps it's a good idea to change the addy (back to being anonymous. *LOL*)

I learnt about Birkin a few months back when I watched "the lifestyle of supermodels". Apparently, they know they made it when they own the Bag. I guess it's a good motivation for moi.

Even at 100%, it will still be below limit. 1/3 of my bag are people's request.

Girl, if you happen to be in the changing room, you too cant help staring. *LOL*

Ms B said...

Hi Priya,

I just read your posting today ie attempted break in. Hope everything is ok. This is one of the many reasons I prefer to stay in an apartment. Our kids' safety is always the main priority.

Ms B said...

d dear,

OMG!! sorry dear. U know how manic we mothers can be when it comes to holiday, ensuring everything is in order. Anyway, glad to know you have a good nose. *winks*

Let's berkopi together k. I had a long dinner with Kak Teh today.

Ms B said...

Hi zah,

I will try. The catch is, how do I continue blogging without being caught by my family?!?! Perhaps I should invest on those small notebook for my blogging passion. *winks*

Ms B said...

Hi Ash W,

Thank you for dropping by at my humble blog! Get used of reading about fairy tales, princess (tho now probably I will talk more about Hannah Montanna, High School Musical etc). Most times they are just my rambling thoughts, a way to de-stress myself (tho a director of mine reckons watching Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill can also do the trick.)

Thanks for your prayers. The right time (and the right person) will come.

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms B,
FYI. I have temporarily closed my blog to others. Got to know someone from office has been checking the websites i've been surfing and knows my blog.. I hate them!! Will let you know of my new add later.. from zah.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms B,
FYI. I have temporarily closed my blog to others. Got to know someone from office has been checking the websites i've been surfing and knows my blog.. I hate them!! Will let you know of my new add later.. from zah.

Anonymous said...

Hello again!

I'm use to kids stuff, am a nanny and living with my niece whom is crazy about High School Musical etc... :)

i have yet to watch Gossip Girl but would like to recommend Private Practice.

Happy holidays tho!

Ash W