Thursday, July 10, 2008

Anything but ordinary

“Why do I have to apologise for being successful?”

I met a young woman today. Only 22 years of age, and she is already a successful businesswoman. She is here on holiday, taking some time off from work (after ensuring future revenues are secured). I told her that she should be proud of herself. More than half of my friends around my age are nowhere close to where she is now.

When she shared her story of how hard it was when she first started her business, I could see she was trying to keep her tears from flowing. She related on how her friends looked down at her for not achieving the paper qualifications and for judging the way she appears when her values are much stronger and intact compare to her friends. Somehow, the woman who was sitting opposite me reminded me of me.

Now, when she has achieved this far, she feels she no longer has friends. I told her to not undervalue herself. As long as you put your heart and soul into something you believe in, and have a conscious mind that it is for the greater good, you will go far. She should be proud of her success, being able to come here on holiday for a few months, taking extra course to fill up her time and buying high end items for her family. The more you give, the more you receive. I believe her life is blessed because she shares it with her family.

So I shared my story with her.

I work with a large corporation, with presence worldwide. In my department, female makes up to 20% and from Director and below, only 4 of us are mothers. Of course I am proud with my achievement. We shouldn’t feel guilty for our success. We work hard for it. We earn it. Never let anyone make you think unworthy of your own success. Never let anyone pull your spirits down.

On a lighter note, I am now a proud owner of a Tods handbag. I hardly go to Tods as the price after sales is still way costly than a Ferragamo. But I went, found a nice one and took it (after much persuasion from Ms Versatile!). Even my sifus agreed it was a well deserved treat.

Always remember that you are anything but ordinary.


zah said...

Dear Ms Istanbul,
You are right. Thank you for this post as I think no one have the right to pull my spirits down. Am facing some office politics matter right now - but I COULD NOT BE BOTHERED with it for - no one can pull my spirits down.. Am still dancing and hope the music wont stop..

n|ns said...

so true!

Ms Istanbul said...

Hi zah,

I had a conversation with a friend. She mentioned that positive people will attract similar friends or select friends with similar traits. If we feel we are surrounded by people who keep pulling our spirits down, why not try ignoring them.

Sometimes, ignorance is a bliss. hehehhe...


I'm sure you feel the same way. *winks* So hows the new gadget?