Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dreaming of you...

She's tough. She tries to hide it. She's difficult. But if you make an effort, she's worth it. She's worth the effort.

People keep telling that I look radiant and full of life, or from those who listen to my tone of voice, I sound chirpy and smiling ear to ear. Apparently they can sense my smile through the way I speak. People seem to think that I am in love.

I dont think I am in a relationship. I mean, I am not seeing anyone exclusively. I have friends, tho these days I am re-arranging my patterns. I am keeping my distance from negative minded people. They are pretty contagious. A friend said, it can be lonely at the top. I am learning my lesson but at least I am grateful to have my girl by my side.

People always underestimate me. Instead of letting them continue bugging my life, I slowly disengage myself from them. Perhaps some people love living on others’ misery. Like a leech, instead of sucking blood, they suck our soul and spirit.

Anyway, I can spend ages writing about the leeches but I rather use my time to say how good it is to have a friend who supports your dream. Funny enough, I told my desire to achieving something to two people. One simply laugh at it (ok, maybe not to that extreme, more like a smirk from the tone of voice), the other gave a very sound advice, pushing me towards achieving it.

I choose the latter.

Now I know you are the reason why I am smiling these days. Unknowingly, you have been touching my life all these while. I shall hold on to that dream.

ps: can I secretly wish of dreaming of you? *winks*

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zah said...

Hi Ms Istanbul,
Thank you for visiting my blog.. Got a reply for you there..
On your posting, a friend told me "positive thoughts and positive efforts will bring positive results".. be surrounded by positive people.. and smile,smile,smile..