Sunday, June 01, 2008

Wet Wet Wet

It was a hectic week. Midnight runs from Tuesday to Thursday due to submission. Got home after 1am, called best friend during the cab ride and continued just before I went to bed. I think I slept at 3am. Took Friday off to spend time with my girl and brother (he’s around for a few weeks). We went to Oxford st, shopping what else. *smiles*

On Saturday, we headed to Legoland with Ms Versatile and brother’s friend. Despite a few hiccups (I forgot to print the confirmation email and went to the office at 7AM to do so! The ticketing officer said Legoland was closed but she got it mistaken with Windsor Castle. Duh!), we reached there around 11ish. The “adults” wanted to try the cool rides, leaving me and my girl exploring the places together. But little did they know that we got the awesome rides.

We took the river splash. “It will take you on a wet and wild voyage, surging down churning rapids and through a fantasy Viking world constructed by nearly two million LEGO® bricks. Watch out for Nidhogg, the terrible dragon with a staggering six metre wingspan or the four meter long Midgard sea serpent and prepare to get wet!” On the same ride, there was a father with his 8 year old boy (very cute, the boy I meant. *smiles*).

The second ride we took was the pirate falls. “Heed the warning of the LEGO Pirates and creatures as you make your way along the Pirate Falls River deep in the Wild Woods, for there is a something big coming your way! Prepare for a soaking!” Anyway, while queuing for the ride, the same parent-boy was in front of us (about 10 metres ahead). The boy kept asking us to join them. At this point, I was absolutely sure that he had a huge crush on my girl. Cute, eh? Since the ride itself can accommodate 4 people, I took his offer. I think the dad was quite embarrassed with his son’s persistence. But hey, no guts no glory, eh? After the ride, the boy asked whether we’d want to join them the whole day but I had to decline cos Ms Versatile wanted to join us.

All in all, we were soaked! Lil enjoyed herself, especially seeing her mom got wet. We managed to watch the “Revenge of the Aztec Queen” and lil got onto other rides. We left at about 5pm and reached London by 6pm, just in time for dinner but none of us could eat as we were too knackered.

Next time, make sure you bring a rain coat and swim suit for the lil ones.


zah said...

Dear Ms Istanbul,

Waa seronoknyee.. The way you wrote, I could feel both of you had fun yesterday!! I guess, it paid off after those long nights few days back eh?

Ms Istanbul said...

Hi zah,

Yes we did. It was such an awesome day for all of us, including brother and friends. Those late nights really paid off.

n|ns said...

so much fun!! i wanna go!! :)

ms istanbul said...


Best giler, ok!! I'm not a fan of theme parks but since my daughter loves them, I'm learning to enjoy it too.