Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pole dancing and falling in love

I did the pole dancing.

Not that “pole dancing”, but the Maypole dance. (what were you thinking?)

Maypole dancing is a form of folk dance from western Europe, especially England, Sweden and Germany, with two distinctive traditions. In the most widespread, dancers perform circle dances around a tall pole which is decorated with garlands, painted stripes, flowers, flags and other emblems. In the second, dancers dance in a circle each holding a coloured ribbon attached to a much smaller pole; the ribbons are intertwined and plaited either on to the pole itself or into a web around the pole. The dancers may then retrace their steps exactly in order to unravel the ribbons.
Yesterday, the children at Mini MI’s school performed their dance, from nursery to Year 6. Mini MI’s class did the Virginia Reel dance, a folk dance that dates from the 17th century. Though the reel may have its origins in Scottish country dance and the Highland reel, and perhaps have an even earlier influence from an Irish dance called the Rinnce Fada, it is generally considered to be an English country dance. I think it took them more than a month to learn and practice the steps. It was much more difficult than the one she performed last year. The kids had so much fun dancing and they did it really well.

The highlight was of course the Maypole dance, which was performed by Year 6. As described above, it is not an easy dance and the kids really did a splendid job! After the performance, they invited the parents to give it ago and me being me (or probably the state of mind I am experiencing for the past few weeks), I went for it. Dancing around the pole with other mothers, all giggled and smiled. I felt like a child, for just being able to let go and seize the moment.

When the performance ended, the kids went back to their class. As I entered her classroom, her class teacher said, “let’s clap to mini MI’s mummy for dancing just now”. She was so proud of it, shown all over her face, all because her mom danced. It was a moment that both of us will cherish.

As for falling in love, remember my posting back some time ago, that one day I shall get that dream? No, it was not referring to a man but rather a car, a Bentley to be precise. Yup, today we went to our fav shopping place in Oxford with a Bentley! The Godfather took us there. A convertible Bentley and at one point, we had the roof down and mini MI laughed out loud. Who says that dreams do not come true? Mine was adjusted but still, what are the chances of me getting a ride on a Bentley? I was smiling ear to ear.

Anyway, as for the shopping part, we shopped until we dropped! Girls will be girls, eh?


zah said...

Hi Ms Istanbul,
Bravo to you for that dance. I am sure your mini MI was sooo proud of you. Kids feel proud when they see their parents are around when they have plays, sports day etc. Kan? And as for that Bentley, yes.. first step is to see, feel, touch.. (then dalam hati, jaga kamu I will get you!).. Have a splendid weekend ya!

U.Lee said...

Hi Ms Istanbul, Holy Smoke! Going shopping in an open Bentley! You have arrived! You have reached the stars! OUTSTANDING!
When the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping and the strong will shop till drop...wayyyyyy to go, Ms Istanbul!
By the way, pop over my place....have got a surprise for you. Lee.

n|ns said...

there will always be the 'kid' in all of us eh?

n the bentley, again, i envy u! :D

Ms Istanbul said...

Hi zah,

I went with the nanny and she too was surprised that I gave it a go. It wasnt easy but who cares! The mothers just wanted to have fun.

The thing I love most living here is that I am able to balance myself as a mother and a woman. I try my best to attend all school's events. I know how happy she'll feel when she knows I'm there. That day, just by dancing, I made her proud. SOmething she can show off to her friends, "I have the coolest mom!".

As for the Bentley, OMG!!! Really unexpected. Felt like in those James Bond/English movies,going to the country side with a posh car. Yup. See, touch, feel and hopefully, you are mine one day (applies to meeting The One too). *winks*

You take care too and hope your weekend was good.

Ms Istanbul said...

Hi Lee,

I just couldnt believe my luck, going shopping in a Bentley. I just couldnt describe how I felt. The car itself is a beauty and I'm sure if you see it, you will agree.

As for the shopping, as we had limited time i.e. 2 hours, only went into 6 shops. Among were Ralph Lauren, Ferragamo and Bally but the biggest damage was not done in any of those! The shopping bags are still nicely arranged in the living room. I have to clear the wardrobe to make space for them.

I am still recovering from the shock, both Bentley and shopping. *winks*

Ms Istanbul said...

Hi Momster,

Once in a while, acting and feeling like a child, makes us feel alive. You will learn that with Imtiyaz, how children enjoy their day with no worries. The curiousity, the eagerness to try something new, the willingness to adapt. Those are things we should learn from them. That there is more to life. *smiles*

Tell me about the Bentley, k. I still couldnt believe my luck. *winks*

elara said...

Wow! Bentley, A drop dead gorgeous car (the lady owner too i reckon). I would fancy if you could give me a ride around town whenever you're heading north and driving past east midlands..hehehe. With dancing you could also burn some calories.

Ms Istanbul said...


The car is simply to die for! Still cant believe my luck to ride one. If one day I get one, unsure wanna share my "guy" with anyone. hehhehe...

Will take note on the dancing. Maybe should take up salsa/latin.

DrFrappucino said...

Always wanna do the tango like al pacino in 'scent of a woman'

Ms Istanbul said...


well, you've got 2 months to learn and do the tango with moi.