Monday, May 19, 2008

Shall we dance?

Mini MI : Mummy, are you coming to my dance?
MI : I dont know baby. I hope so.
Mini MI : Let me write a letter to your boss. “Dear Mummy’s boss. Please let her come to my dance this Friday. From Mini MI.”

I already told my secretary to block half day leave in my diary and my Director knew it too. So today I told him about the letter. He laughed and said I will definitely have to go to my lil girl’s party. Even he couldn’t resist my girl’s adorableness.

Of another dance, according to Lee’s rating guide, I know I am a “more than 5” lady *cough, chuckles* (give me a chance to go inside the lift and press the button, yeah? heheh). On average, I usually look like a 7, on an excellent day i.e. when I have a big meeting, with fine wool skirt suit and a city fitting shirt, nice combination of make-up and pray to God that my hair will be on her best side, I will look like an 8 and a half.

As I know where I stand, the choices of men are usually at par or even less. Except for Mr Milan (for his age, he looks really damn good. He is definitely an 8), the rest of the men (past and present) are 7 and below. On occasion when an 8 or a 9 comes into the picture, I always “hide” myself by showing the plain jane mode. I brush away any potential crush as I know I am not in their league. No matter how many times my beloved two best friends and the Buddy say otherwise, I still have that tiny feeling of not being at par.

So when suddenly, a 9 appears, a definite Candy Man (as endorsed by many people), I am still struggling with the idea of a proper date. Hell, I have done this before! Why suddenly I feel that I am going to be tongue twisted when the date actually happens? Gessh...I seriously feel like I am in high school. You worry about what to wear, shades of make-up to go with your attire, which perfume etc.

Is it because that he has known you for a long time? He has seen you transformed from being a girl to a woman and a mother. He knows all the “scars” and “wounds”, and how you heal them. The idea of going out with someone who has seen you growing up (more than any of your family members!) makes it awkward?

I think too much. I deserve to go out with a Candy Man (and I better make sure that I look like a hot babe on our date). I have to be more “zen”.

The Buddy said the way I call these men is as if they are food. Of course! Who wouldn’t bite yummilicious men? Wouldnt you agree with me on this, ladies? *winks*


simah said...

go on...bite him!!


love the song... !

what kind of songs will MI dance to? have fun there!!!

p.s...hope we will be able to meet in malaysia :0)

Ms Istanbul said...

Oh yes. Definitely want to bite him. Tho I have to be very patient cos he's miles away. *winks* *rolling eyes*

Nice song yeah? Found it while browsing the website. It isn't in her previous album (good girls gone bad). Must be new kot.

WIll defnitely have fun. She is very excited. *smiles*

ps: I hope we get to meet too.

D said...

bite?? I'm sure you can definitely do more!! HAHAHA.. Errr, you going back for a hol too? Hey, when are WE going to meet up, or call each other up?? *wink*

Ms Istanbul said...


hehhe... I think we need to get a real life than having all these fantasies in our heads. *LOL* But hey, it makes us feel alive. The rush, yeah? *winks* Or maybe we can ask Kak Teh to bring us to Chip n Dale show.

Yeah. Going back for a break. Unexpected seriously.

Err... I am such a low profile person dear to meet someone as strong as you. But I'm sure our path will cross someday.