Monday, June 16, 2008

Stepping outside

"Sometimes you need to step outside, clear your head and remind yourself of who you are. And where you want to be. And sometimes you have to venture outside your world in order to find yourself."

You know you (almost) made it when you are the key contact person between your Managing Directors and a prominent business figure back home. It was definitely a great day, better than having a man (even yummy men to some extent). *winks*

To think that I almost gave up all of these for uncertain promises.

My single 30 something girl friends think I am lucky. While all of us have great career, I have a daughter to share it with. I must say that sharing my success with her is more satisfying than having a companion. I guess the fact that we have always stick together, through thick and thin, makes us closer and appreciate life more than others. We all have different benchmark set in life and I do feel that I could have achieved more. Instead of trying to meet people’s expectation, I decided to throw them away and do what is practical and best for me and my girl. Slowly, but surely, I will climb that ladder, at my own pace, without the expense of my lil girl.

There are many things that I am grateful for. Living here is one of them. As much as I am missing home (more because of the Nasi Lemak Kerang, Kari Kepala Ikan etc), my Sifus are right. I can gain more by staying here longer, at least for another year.

For me, it is all about balancing motherhood and being a woman.

Ps: I need to curb this shopping temptation! Just when I thought I had enough of shopping, I walked past my favourite suits’ shop and they are on sales. The average suits of £400+ are going under £200! How many suits does a woman need, especially when she just purchased 3 in less than 2 months? *winks*


n|ns said...

you know, nowadays i don't feel a need to be patriotic. especially with the current situation, i believe one could have a better life living outside.

i think i should flee one day too! *winks*

Ms Istanbul said...


I think you are not alone. MOst of my frens are seriously looking for an opportunity to move.

Never stop trying. Never stop believing. *wink*