Thursday, June 19, 2008

Viva La Vida

I should feel ecstatic that I found out about my promotion officially today or that I met the prominent business figure for an important deal. Instead, it took me off guard that the thing that made me smiled the whole day was the meeting with the financial advisor (for the business figure) aka The Banker.

They arrived early and my MD asked me to keep them company while waiting. There were only two of them and I couldn’t help noticing how yummy The Banker was. Too yummy that I forgot to give my business card!

The Banker: Do you have your business card with you?
MI: Yes.
The Banker: Well, can I have it? *with a gorgeous smile*

At that point, I felt like smacking my head. I couldn’t believe I could be so blur in the presence of a handsome looking man.

He comes from mixed parentage, very European look and clearly speaks 2 to 3 languages (he grew up in one of the posh areas in UK and now lives in another European city). Taller than me, could be almost 6 feet (I’m 5 feet 6-7, with heels add 2 more inches). Nice lean body, maybe equivalent to Tom Cruise.

Check list, no RING (very important, right? *winks*) . Wears a fine Breitling watch and definitely a smart suit (could be from Saville, yeah Lee?). He is almost 40 but like they say, 40 is the new 30s (he actually quoted that).

Oh well, it was an awesome day. Of course I feel great about the promotion but I was really surprised that what actually made my day was the presence of a seriously yummilicious guy. Clearly I love my life!

Viva La Vida everyone!


n|ns said...

Congratulations!! You and the l'il princess definitely deserve this! :)

hmmmm... when was the last time I was guy-struck like that? not enough good looking man in kl obviously. hehe.

btw, if we do meet one day, please wear flat shoes as I am far from tall you know! :P (oh-well, maybe u do know. and yet u remain a mystery to me. sheeshhhh!)

U.Lee said...

Ms Istanbul, first of all, congratulations on your promotion! OUTSTANDING! I'm so proud of you Ms Istanbul.
I can imagine you kelang kabote, here in Canada, we call it a "double play"...promotion and meeting Mr Yummy. ha ha...infact, I too if I see or meet a real 'perfect 10' guy...don't get me wrong, But I too appreciate seeing handsome men.
Ha ha, you checked out his fingers...but, hey, did you discreetly look any sun marks, maybe he took it off? Ha ha. I doubt.
And he a 'Banker'. Ms Istanbul, your stars are falling into its! I'm impressed, you noticed his watch brand too? Me..apart from a Rolex, I can't recognise others.
Nanti..nanti Ms Istanbul, you no mention what dress you wore? A power suit? One with a side slit? Tight skirt?
I am prepared to bet fish&chips on a newspaper, he'll be calling you soon, or maybe you get a bouquet of flowers for a dinner date?
And men at 40 are in their prime...experienced, polished, and they know what they want.

Don't forget that slinky red outfit or black one you have, the one that shows your ahemmm, hantam the back of a bus kind of look. By the way, your hair long or short?
Alamak, tengok la saya trying to dress you up, arhaaa ha ha.
See, I am so excited for you. Ms will be seeing him again, thats for sure...stay relaxed, because a perfect 10, can make women forget their house address, ha ha.
Ms Istanbul, with your promotion, it's all systems are go. Good luck, and choose the right perfume...very important, *wink*. Lee.

zah said...

Dear Ms Istanbul,
Congratulations!!!! Am sooo happyyy for youuuu!! (macam I yang dapat promotion).... hahaha.. And..that Mr Banker, must be a DDG (drop dead gorgeous). Makes you smile from ear to ear.. I'm sure there'll be more meetings after this.. be happy!!

elara said...

Yeah! 40 is the new 30s. I like that.So it's not bad after all to join the 40s club. Lean back and chill out and don't be frantic over nothing.

Ms Istanbul said...


Thanks dear! It took me 2 days to digest the thoughts and suddenly I'm overwhelmed by emotions. Luckly my li girl didnt see me cry. Tears of happiness.

Tell me about the guy-struck moment. very embarrassing, ok! With his looks and good taste (his watch is really awesome), plus speaks French.

Hehhe.... I think I know you but dear, my memory is like Dory. At times I cant even remember my own ex school mates!

Ms Istanbul said...

Hi Lee,

Thank you! I'm still jaded with the news. only mentioned to 5 friends on the day itself and broke the news to my parents the next day (after talking other stuffs for half an hour before telling).

About the ring, ehem ehem, the thing I notice is that men on this part of the world generally wear them. Asian, they normally make do without. I didnt see sun mark. heheh... I am into watches, fine ones. The one he has is a unique design.

My suits emphasis my slim figure and height. this one in particular makes me look elegant. Oh, I am keeping my hair long this year.

Oh Lee, I doubt he will call. I am sure he is surrounded by beautiful ladies without him looking. But it's good to have some fantasy, yeah? *winks*

Ms Istanbul said...

Hi Zah,

Thank you! I am very happy. So surreal. I owe it to my girl. Without her love and patience, I wouldnt be where I am.

DDG indeed. Not sure about future meetings but no harm to dream, yeah. *smiles*

Ms Istanbul said...

Hi elara,

I think you and him are right, 40 is the new 30s. This guy obviously does not have mid life crisis, probably bcos he has achieved what he wants in life. Enjoying life, smelling the roses.

DrFrappucino said...

Dang girl,
U should have gotten his phone number.. apeda.

Ms Istanbul said...


Actually they gave their business card when I arrived. So after a good 15 mins chat or so, the guy asked for mine. Usually for these meetings, I ALWAYS remember to give mine but obviously I got dumb-struck.

So got the office no, mobile no, address and email add. *winks* But he is based in Swiss lah, how?

Pak Idrus said...

Congratulation Ms Istanbul, Life if like that and when the time come you would get what is yours.

So make do what you have got and enjoy life. Makes it as colorful as possible and enjoy every minutes of living in the present. For the present come but in mere second and if you do no enjoy that moment in time, it would be the past. The future is your present, so enjoy.

That day I believe is a colorful day indeed. Have a nice day and take care.

Priya said...

Congratulations on your well deserved promotion.

fizzy said...

my dearest ms istanbul..

i have been without internet connection for a week and it made my life so dull.
thank god for the course i'm attending now i get to be online and read your blog.

oh!! CONGRATULATIONS on your promotion.
things have been going well,eh..
with the yummilicious the banker and all.
hehehehehe.. [i'm imagining how he looks like..]

do call when u arrive here.
we HAVE to meet.

Ms Istanbul said...

Hi Pak Idrus,

Thank u! I always tell myself that nothing is impossible. We need to be positive. The past what shapes me today. I try to make it as colourful as can be, living this life with my lil girl's love.

That day was indeed a rainbow for me.

Ms Istanbul said...

Hi Priya,

Hey! Thanks for dropping by. Thank you! It feels really good. *smiles*

Ms Istanbul said...

Fizzy dearest,

OMG!!! Where have u been my dear? Its been ages!!!! Life is not dull. Always find ways to make it colourful, just like Pak Idrus' advice. *smiles*

Thank u! It was such a fine day. The Banker is soooooo yummy. *drooling* Blue eyes, brown hair, smooth complexion (i.e. not dry. Guess it's bcos mixed parentage). Not to mention his exquisite taste i.e. suits and watches. *biting my lips* *LOL*

Shall try to meet up dear.