Friday, June 27, 2008

The verses of love

A dear friend suggested me to watch this movie.

Desir pasir di padang tandus
Segersang pemikiran hati
Terkisah ku di antara
Cinta yang rumit

Bila keyakinanku datang
Kasih bukan sekadar cinta
Pengorbanan cinta yang agung


Maafkan bila ku tak sempurna
Cinta ini tak mungkin ku cegah
Ayat-ayat cinta bercerita
Cintaku padamu

Bila bahagia mulai menyentuh
Seakan ku bisa hidup lebih lama
Namun harus kutinggalkan cinta
Ketika ku bersujud


Ghazali B Abd Aziz said...

Ms Istanbul ..

I have read the Ayat Ayat Cinta punya novel ...

Tapi I rasa watak Fakhri is terlalu imiginative ... and the story more towards bollywood style ...

In the movie, Ayat Ayat Cinta terlalu di Bollywood ...

As for the novel, it is a good read ... and maybe to those who are willing to "share" will find this book is aspiring ....

Ms Istanbul said...

Hi Ghaz,

My bro said the same thing. The novel is much better than the movie.

I watched the movie last nite. Sigh... It really touched my heart.

Sharing requires a lot of compromise. I have friends who are the sharer and also, the subject of sharing. At the same time, some dont even share yet it seems the partnership is meaningless. There are times that they need someone but the other half is unable to do so or simply put other things as priorities.

It is not just spending time together, but rather when we are with that person, we give our focus without distraction. Just for that moment, we make them feel that they are the most important person in our life.