Thursday, May 28, 2009

Manscaping -defined

“They don’t mean gardening,” she said. “They mean, um, ‘gardening’.”
“Say again?”

“Tending to the garden, Chris.”

“Like, flowers and stuff?”

“No. ‘Down there’.”

“Women notice these things. It makes it a whole lot easier to like a man if he likes himself. You won’t believe what people get waxed. Men have this thing, it’s called ‘visual enhancement’. When you trim, it looks bigger.” He raised his eyebrows. “Sure, you can buy a trimmer. But you can’t always reach, can you?”
Bloody hell, I wondered, what had I done? Suffer? I literally bled. From every follicle. I drew a line, however, at anything below the belt. No crack, thank you. And absolutely no sack.

As it is, I think I’ll save any future waxings for my car, and leave the sessions at the torture chamber to those who qualify as the tougher sex these days — the girls.


You can continue reading here. Hope you enjoy the article as much as I did. *LOL* I wonder how many of you (men) out there who are up to the challenge. *grins*


Jumper said...

Few months back I told myself, "My God, I'm sooo vain!" , when I bought a trendy battery-operated nose & ear trimmer to exclusively chop off the hair coming out irregularly from my nose (so far I haven't grown any hair near the ear hole); and then I said "This's as far as I'd allow myself to go in this meterosexual madness". I checked on my conscience and decided that I allowed this kind of 'gardening' for professional reason under the pretext of product hygiene and perhaps food safety. I wish not to have my hair falling graciously from the nose to blend with the hazelnuts and raisins in the milk chocolate when I have to smell the product during the product sensory check.

I hope there'll no useable excuses for me to venture into the waxing thing next.....

Ms B said...


I 1st heard of manscaping 3 years ago. A colleague mentioned that a guy at work did that, but it was for his back. i have yet to hear anyone I know who'll go to that extreme re the article.

I think there is a line between vain and what-the-hell-are-you thinking. This applies to women too as I dont get it why some go under for the sake of beauty.