Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Test drive, anyone?

“The reason why some men can’t commit is probably because they don’t know how to handle a woman who has been through a lot and on top of that, win her daughter’s heart.”, said the Wise Man.

Just because I am capable of leading the life that I want with my daughter, it doesn’t mean I am a superwoman nor that I look intimidating. Behind the four figure suit and accessories, I am still a person. I dont bite. Seriously. Well, maybe I do but only at certain parts especially if you are yummy. *winks*

I have nothing against going out with European men. But it is my personal choice that, should I ever remarry, he should come from the same background. I realise my chances are slim since it is very rare to find malay men who share the same values like I do (like the Significant Ones).

That was before I met The Date.

You see, I thought I’d be touching his life by sharing the life experiences I had. Yet these days I realise that he did the same to me. He opened my eyes and heart that there are good eligible malay men (with the qualities I want and compatible personality) out there. He restored my faith in our men!

So ladies, dont give up. I know it is frustrating to find a good match but trust me, he is out there, waiting to be discovered. If I manage to meet one during my short trip back home, I am sure there are plenty.

As for me, I have a deadline to meet. Before I submit my results, I want to do my own research and analysis. Like the fav couple always say, “you have the option to test drive. Just enjoy the ride”.

Yikes! Now I make them sound like cars. But cars are sexy too, eh? *winks*

Ps: School has started and finally I regain possession of our LCD tv. She's been using it to play Nintendo Wii. At least I get to watch my shows on weekdays since she has to go to bed by 9pm. *smiles*


D said...

test drive? double yikes!!

You know, frankly I don't even know what to think or pray for, hence I keep myself out of it. I mean, I'm not LOOKING and I'm sure I don't NEED a man. But then again, I've got to be reasonable to just keep my doors open.

I met a friend who told me how hard she prayed after her divorce some years ago - to meet another person who can be with her because she can never be alone. It spooked me to hear about her prayers! But I guess, the best is always projected for each and every one of us.

But I must say, I agree 100% with what the Wise Man said!

Hannan said...

Wow :)
I love this entry

occay , here's another saying from another wise man :- man and car (certain ) are both sexy, cool but they could break down anytime they wanted!

hope u'll find the man :)

there should be enuf man for all the ladies in the world :P

Ms B said...

d dear,

Tell me about! Coming from them, Mr & Mrs Cooper, the most religious and open minded close friends, it surprised me! *LOL* Mrs Cooper said, "u should enjoy the attention, make up for loss time and choose wisely".

I think for both of us, we are content with life. We are not damsel in distress (and I dont know why some malay men have that kind of mentality. isy..). I am not discounting myself from having a partner as my girl is very optimistic with the idea (girls and their fairy tales phase).

What I do know is that, if we cant be happy or content with what we have or being in our own company, how would we know having a partner will change otherwise? I know forsome people with a partner, it can get even lonelier.

Anonymous said...

did you really met THE ONE during the short trip back?

double WOW!!

betulla orang cakap, "kalau jodoh tak ke mana" kan? ;)

Ms B said...

Hi doc,

*lol* ok so who is this other wise man?

Ironically, it is when I stop looking, a good match always appears. Usually in my case, circumstances makes it difficult. When it comes to men, I am a practical person. Tho I must admit once in a while I just let go of everything and follow with the flow, just like the recent event. Hey, we all have to take some (reasonable) chances in life!

Jap, enuf man for every woman?? Ok doc, u can be the match maker. *LOL*

Ms B said...


Hang on!!! I didnt say I met The One. What I said was, he has the qualities and the personality (that I want) which is rare among malay men. *rolling eyes*

But if a sample size of one gave a positive result, surely there are men like him out there, right? That is why I should thank him for restoring my faith in men (ours lah).

Jodoh??? Aisey my dear, it was just a date(s). Just like in the movies, "summer fling". *winks* But it was indeed a memorable trip. (geesh... my life is really like in the movies!!!)

syukur said...

Men and women.. somehow they need each other... you can judge a man like that.. some good men are around...loyal and respectful.

Daphne Ling said...

Hey Ms B,

Huh...Everybody has all the luck! I'm lucked out completely in this department.

Drama-Queen Moment: "Why, oh why, can't I find anyone? Why, oh why?!?!"



Ms B said...


Oh yes, I truly believe there are good men out there. MOst of my close friends are loving husbands, doting dads and faithful to their partner. To find one that has their qualities is hard.

A person who respects and protects your values and virtues, now that will be a dealmaker. *smiles*

Ms B said...

Hi Daph,

My dear, u are still young. Look at me! Back in uni, no luck at all (I think i mentioned somewhere in my postings that I was a late bloomer). We will have our moments.

For now, just enjoy yourself. Have fun at uni. for all u know, that person is there all along. *smiles*

ps: I was a drama queen too, u know, back in uni. Performed for my batch. My seniors couldnt believe I cud carry an evil character. *LOL*

NJ said...

Ms B, aka d Vogue n Yummy Mummy :D

Ooo la laaa... can't wait to know the verdict (aka the final exam/test drive)'s result . We wanna know..we wanna know...5 x

Ms B said...


*LOL* Vogue & yummy?!?!? Oh crap! Now I have to change my wardrobe to meet ur expectation. Hmm, must watch Devil wears prada again to get some ideas. *grins*

Babe, I've been given ample time to decide. No rush. Besides, we all know that there are many candy men out there. *LOL*

Anonymous said...

ms b,
ooppss...! i got excited...!! hahaha...