Sunday, September 21, 2008

Of being anonymous

I've been wanting to write this for quite some time but just didnt know when.

Of late, I've been receiving kind gestures from people to get to know me. Kind gestures, hopefully. Thank you, you know who you are. I am just another human being, trying to make life works for her and her girl.

I just prefer to be anonymous, that is all. Perhaps it is also due to certain experiences which led me not to get close to people (in this scenario, it means bloggers). Plus, my dear Kak Teh and Ruby always share their words of wisdom of the blog world.

So please dont take it personally if I dont share my email address/contact details to you.

Besides, it is a small world after all. For all you know, I could be the girl next door.

*Ms B might tone down this week. She's not feeling bright. Trying to be emotionally strong for her girl but physically weak.*


Hazia said...

Hey, why not try creating an alternate email, like I did? Hehe... I avoid bloggers' gathering too, too many sensitive things on my blog:)

Anyway, yeah, we should take caution on getting close to /trusting bloggers / anybody online. I learned a painful lesson more than a year ago, something I won't forget for the rest of my life.

*fizzy* said...

being anonymous is fine for me.
one should respect another person's personal space, right?
plus,it adds the mystery.
which is interesting for me.. ;)
the -ve part of it, people would get so curious about your identity and then start Googling for info about you.

my attempt to be an anonymous blogger was busted by a friend..hehe..
he said he recognized my style of writing, so i can't fool him.

Ms B said...

hi hazia,

I dont think so. *smiles* I dont believe in creating an email and share it at my blog. Like I said to some, u can ask any question (as long as it is not too personal), and I shall try to answer via my post.

On personal take, I only trust a few and only maintain this circle of friends. So it doesnt just apply to bloggers. Hence it explains why I am not a facebook person.

Ms B said...

Fizzy dear,

My friends dont even know I blog! even if they do, what I write is only a fraction of what I share to them. They always get first hand as I call them often. Yup, I call. London to Msia/Aussie/Singapore etc.

A dear friend stumbled into my blog and somehow after reading a few entries, she figured out it was me. What she didnt expect was my way of writing. I think if others read, they too would be surprised. *LOL*

Anyway dear, u have mail. *winks* Mostly old pics.

darlene said...

yeap, i agree ms b. plus.. to me being anonymous is more fun--an escape (ok, not that i'm running away from the law or something).

now that reminds me of the pics that i've posted. plus i think some of my stories are quiet specific too. ouch. lol.

take care ms b.

U.Lee said...

Hi Ms B, not to just be who you are...its fun imagining, ha ha.
You take it easy and relax....take a walk along Mayfair? Ha ha. Lee.

Inah said...

hi there!! its ur right to remain anonymous or dont worry k!! :)

do take care urself!! u need to be strong for ur lil girl :)

Cosmic_GurL said...

Some time back i was contemplating on creating another blog (coz most of my friends read my present blog)so i can write anonymously but it was too much of a hassle..Satu blog pun tak ter"update"...tambah plak 2 blogs! Hahaha! Like I always say, blogs are for free expression not good impression :)

Slmt Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin Ms B

Ms B said...

Hi darlene,

I think everyone wants some form of escapism, dont u think so? *smiles*

The idea of having a fairy tale or the ultimate wishful thinking, which once in a while do come true.

Maybe we should learn from the pro on how to be anonymous blogger. *LOL*

Ms B said...

Hi Lee,

Ah, indeed I need a walk in Mayfair, better still, a stroll along New Bond St, to my fav shops such as Ralph Lauren, Ferragamo, etc. *smiles*

Ms B said...

Hi inah,

I think it is best to be anonymous (for me lah kan, after certain experience). Maybe it is different for others. *smiles*

Oh, I am still feeling under the weather. Today has been tough. But I'm sure it gets better.

U keep well! Hope the land down under is treating u well.

ps: Mat salleh bukannya tak pandang. Inah kena kasi yellow light jer. *winks*

Ms B said...

Hi CG,

Ah, in this blog world, you can be considered as a celebrity! *winks* I think if you create a new blog, your loyal readers can figure it is yours. But yeah, satu blog pun susah nak update, let alone two! (jap, this sounds familar. Like men having 2 wives. *LOL*)

Selamat hari raya and maaf zahir batin to you too!

Kak Teh said...

see you and the lil one tonight?