Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chocolate sauce & whipped cream

I was physically and mentally exhausted today. Before I left work this evening, my secretary said I look like crap. Usually, I dont, no matter how late I work (unless if it is almost midnight or early hours in the morning).

I should have taken the day off, work and fasting. Perhaps the combination of not physically fit and extra workload made the day challenging. So I thought. Up until I read my mail.

"Now I can see why there are McDreamy, McSteamy etc". Was that a compliment dear? *winks* My next trip, we shall have tea at my fav cafe, Aseana KLCC (I think that's the name).

Thank you for making my day, dear Fizzy! Now for my stress relief, I hope I can dream of him:

Of course, it would be nicer if he appears like this in my dream:

I think chocolate sauce and whipped cream will make him more yummy. *LOL*

*Ms B hopes both her and the lil one sail through the week*


fizzy said...

kurang pahala puasa! LOL
he's one hottttttttt guy i must say.
love him in Bones..

it sure was a compliment. sincerely. :)
and your lil one..my god.. rasa nak cubit² je pipi dia.. :D

this month of ramadhan really test our patience and perseverance..
only the strongest [physically,mentally,emotionally] can survive.
hope we can last till the end.. few days more.. :)

Cosmic_GurL said...

New epi of GA is starting on 25th Sept. Yipppeeee! Cant wait! Hehehe..Ive always had a crush on David Boreanaz ever since Angel. He was so hot as the blood sucking vampire...Sighhhhh...

Inah said...

few days more!! :)

it would be a sweet dream if my MR Right appears in my dream tonite..huhuhu :)

Hannan said...


sabaq nooo
bulan poseeee :)

simah said...

nasib baik i tengok gambar ni masa malam hehehehe

yup..keep on dreaming dear..i think strawberry will do simply delicious with the whipped cream as well..

u take care eh? jgn lupa makan vitamin.. i find pharmaton is best when in lethargy...

salam aidilfitri..maaf zahir dan batin...

hugs n kisses to lil miss B :0)

Ms B said...

Isnt he hot? *grins* He plays the Booth character really well. From a guy to a man. *LOL*

Ah, thanks dear. I upload more pics. She looks gorgeous in those pics.

My most challenging ramadhan was 4 years ago....

U take care!

Ms B said...

What??? GA new season is starting soon? Sigh... It's so late here. apparently, they say it is not that popular. huh??

Oh, I fell in luv with him since Buffy. He was the bf, remember?

I think we all have this fantasy of liking the "bad boy" image. *LOL*

Ms B said...

Hi inah,

Focus on the Mr Right and he'll sure appear in your dreams. Better, why not wish him to be by your side for the rest of ur life? *winks*

Ms B said...

Hi hannan,

Tgh sabar lah ni. Kalau tidak, dah upload his sexy scenes from youtube. *LOL*

so how's the pimp business? *grins*

Ms B said...

SImah dear,

He he he, nasib baik mlm ek? Boleh peluk halil terus. *LOL*

The body is trying hard not to fall sick, fighting the flu. I'm just feeling exhausted, no flu or anything. The lil one is recovering well.

I hope I get to call you before eid. Work is piling.

U.Lee said...

Hi Ms B, you one heck of a fantastic woman....
Guess Incik Bond will have his hands full with a lady like you. Ha ha.
Hmmm....love your thoughts....ha ha. Lee.

syukur said...

dream a little dream... Ms B... ha ha... selamat hari raya... Minal Aidil Wal Faizin

Ms B said...

Hi Lee,

One Mr Bond will just do the trick. NOw if only I can find him. *LOL*

Ms B said...

Hi syukur,

Hmm... of dreaming.. Sometimes, all we want is to dream that one person. A real person who touches our heart.

Salam hari raya to u too!